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WWT Celebrates Black History Month | Lovely Laveau

Lovely Laveau became interested in professional wrestling when she and her grandfather watched WrestleMania VIII. When she noticed a large man with long hair and a beard wearing a gold ensemble and asked who it was, her grandfather replied, “Oh, that’s the Macho Man!” She hasn’t turned off the television since. When she was younger, she watched Jazz, Jacqueline, Kharma (Awesome Kong & Amazing Kong), Sharmell (Paisley in WCW), and Shaniqua. She didn’t see herself fully as a wrestler until Naomi burst into the scene which then she saw Naomi saying “Oh, that is me”. Lovely saw Bianca Belair, Renee Michelle, Big Swole, Tasha Steelz, and Faye Jackson as examples of black women’s wrestling representation.

She avoided content for years because she initially didn’t want to do it. She merely offered assistance to those in need and enjoined others to follow their passions. Even though she didn’t think anyone would care, she’s been asked to start a podcast or YouTube channel for years. However, she once stated the following while giving advice on Twitter Spaces: “Hey these wrestlers sometimes get tired of talking about wrestling. Talk to them about something else! Make it interesting!” Fam from BRP thought it was an intriguing idea and messaged her about it, but due to the great chemistry between them, she hasn’t looked back from doing wrestling podcasts such as: Creepsquad After Dark on Twitter, which eventually made its way to Women’s Wrestling Talk. Currently, Laveau is the co-host of Somethin Else Pod with Fam of BRP.

It has been challenging for her to be a part of the wrestling industry and community, according to her. “It’s difficult mainly because when we as black women are passionate about ANYTHING and speak passionately, we automatically get labeled and aggressive, angry, etc. The main demographic isn’t us. So that demo doesn’t know us. Understand us and our passion. So, we have to work 1000× harder for an inch in the room. Or kiss someone’s ass or play passive and meek to be invited or even heard. If you know me, I ain’t about to do that.”

As you know Lovely has been making jewelry for a while now, showcased on her social media accounts. Despite Naomi’s custom pieces being lost in the mail, Laveau remains in contact with the former Smackdown Women’s Champion. However, Dakota Kai, MVP, D’Lo Brown, ST, Mia Yim (for example: Mia Yim and Keith Lee’s Wedding), as well as some others who order, support, and wear her jewelry on national television, were among the wrestlers for whom Lovely Laveau created jewelry. She was very appreciative of it.

Lovely has developed connections with numerous black female content producers, including Dre Day, Haevyn Reyhne, Keeks, Meka, Billie the Bully, Janelle from JTP, Stephanie Hardy, Nicole from Down for the Count, Those Wrestling Girls, and everyone else she’s been fortunate enough to meet but can’t name all of them. Mimi from BRP is one individual she singled out in particular. Because Lovely Laveau needed a big sister, and Mimi was that sister. Lovely is greatly supported by Mimi, who also gave her encouragement. Lovely expressed her love for Mimi and gratitude that the wacky sport of wrestling had connected the two of them.

WWT celebrates you, Lovely Laveau, and thank you for all of your contributions to wrestling media.


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