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WWT Interview | Jai Vidal Talks Representation And Gisele Shaw

Updated: Aug 2

The Salt Shakkas, Senior Writer Nickie Booshie and Editor-in-Chief Driune Santana, sit down with Jai Vidal. They discuss all things IMPACT! Wrestling along with the importance of representation in the business. In addition, Vidal ensures that what is planned for No Surrender will have everyone watching.

Chili or Dog Food?

“It was chili and it was absolutely disgusting okay! He continues, “I have never had to shower and have chili just like completely come off of me and then shower the next morning and still have chili coming off of my hair and places I didn’t even know chili could go. Wow!”

Jai Vidal sends a message to Deonna Purrazzo

“Oh, baby, Giselle is training every day for that match. Like no days off, and honestly, you know, she got chili thrown on her. I got chili thrown on me. So I don’t know. I’m not saying I’m just saying. I’m not gonna give away [any] secrets. But I’ll just say Deonna, better be ready for this weekend.”

Most Reward Moment

“I think it was just being in the ring with Eric Young. I thought it was so cool because here’s somebody who I would always see on TV when I was, you know, younger, I’d see him in IMPACT!, then, you know, as well as other companies. And I was like, eye to eye with him. Right? Like it was one of those moments where I had to think to myself to be in the moment.”

Most Challenging Moment

“I think my most challenging moment was probably my first or second time managing only because I never actually managed.”

He continues, “I trained to be a professional wrestler, and when they train you to be a professional wrestler, they don’t really train you to be a manager. And there’s a whole different level of entertainment that comes with that a whole different level of what to do, what to say where to be. and all of that wrapped in one.”

Be sure to check out the full interview below.

In addition, our interview with Gisele Shaw is available now.

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