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A Friendship Torn? Deonna Purrazzo vs Tasha Steelz

As predicted after their tag team match against Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly at Bound for Glory, Tasha and Deonna have some tension boiling over with the way that match ended.

Questions arising over the few weeks for both women.

For example, did Tasha actually hit Deonna by accident?

Tasha asking herself if Deonna feels that she needed to cheat and if Steelz would stoop that low to screw over Purazzo.

So these two ladies needed to settle the score in a singles match against one another.

As both women entered the ring, we see a montage of photos that shows off this authentic friendship that they both have with one another that supersedes wrestling. It shows a bond that as a fan you don’t want to see broken.

Tasha and Deonna regard each other professionally with shaking each others hands and getting a lock up to officially start the match.

It was exciting to see a bit of catch wrestling on display by both women early on.

You can see that they have studied one another so well, that it’s an uphill battle for either to get the upper hand.

Tasha gets in her stride and starts to feel cocky as she gets a leg up. Even treating us for a moment to twerking in the middle of the ring.

Deonna turns it around and twist Tasha into a pretzel and takes time to show off her twerking skills to the fans as well.

The mood of the match turns serious when deadly strikes start to come into play. Both women wind up knocking each other out with a clothesline.

Deonna takes over and puts on her signature Fujiwara bar, but Tasha flips it and gets her own submission in.

However, Deonna reverses the submission and puts on the Fujiwara arm bar on Steelz again.

Showing that both women did not come to play.

Two cutters from Tasha derails Deonna enough for Tasha to pin her and get the win . At the end of the day, the nasty, ruthless, side of Tasha gave her the upper hand in this match.

Will this match bring animosity and strife into Tasha and Deonna’s real life friendship?

Will Deonna become bitter?

With the lost at Bound for Glory, the loss against the Women’s champion Trinity last week in the UK and now against her friend in a singles match, you have to wonder where Deonna’s head will be next week.


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