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Giulia vs Hyan: NJPW Strong Women’s Championship

On October 27, New Japan held a press conference for the Fighting Spirit Unleashed event in Las Vegas.

The renaissance woman Hyan was ready to make her NJPW strong debut against the dominant champion Giulia. Hyan has a lot of respect for Giulia and wanted the fans to expect a hard-hitting match that she knew wouldn’t be easy. This is also a dream match for the challenger who wanted to face Giulia for a bit.

During the press conference, Giulia made it clear that everyone loves her and she’s excited to have this match. She stated that this was an honour to have this match in Las Vegas. She also joked that her English is that of a junior high school student, so she had to make notes. She proceeds to read from her notes in English. Giulia says that she doesn’t know much about Hyan other than she’s very nice. Also on October 28th, it will be her pro wrestling debut anniversary. It’s clear that Giulia is going to be a global champion, so she wants to be able to communicate with her fans worldwide. Very cool moment leading into this match.

Pan to Saturday night in Las Vegas, and Hyan and Giulia are all set to go. Both women came out to a very enthusiastic crowd. The champ gets a great reception as she dons the Strong Women’s title around her waist.

Hyan came into this match knowing that she was an underdog. Clearing having to prove herself. Giulia obtained this title in July, from Willow Nightingale and doesn’t plan on losing it.

A lockup starts this match. Hyan had a bit of momentum starting out, but a chop to the chest, in the corner, quickly helps to turn the table and gives the champ the advantage.

An octopus submission hold helps to cement that Giulia is in charge. Hyan tries to make a comeback and goes blow for blow with Giulia. A headlock possibly spells the end for Hyan, but she’s able to get to the ropes. Even diving out of the ring to take out the champ temporarily. The double under hook body slams off of the top rope, incapacitates both Hyan and Giulia, as the crowd cheers on this phenomenal match.

A second round of hard slaps commences, with the Renaissance woman Hyan getting the upper hand. However, not a win, as she attempts a pin.

Giulia recovers and pulls off an impressive German suplex. A swift spear from Hyan gets the crowd on the edge of their seats but doesn’t secure a win.

The northern lights bomb finisher from Giulia locks in the win for her. Giulia walks out of this PPV as champ.

A huge sign of respect is shown when Giulia shakes the hand of Hyan and takes a moment to absorb her win and the excitement from the crowd.

A solid championship match, that has also put a lens on Hyan and her future attempts to possibly challenge for the title.

Giulia is a wanted woman though, because she went backstage to conduct her post-match interview and was confronted by Trish Adora for her chance to get that Strong Women’s championship.

Competition for this title is heating up, but Giulia seems up for the challenge.

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