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AEW All Access on the Horizon!

Prior to last night’s AEW Dynamite episode, which will feature Adam Cole making a comeback to the ring, we had the pleasure of hearing from Adam Cole and Dr. Britt Baker DMD. The pair and RJ City had a lengthy, good chat on Twitter Spaces about the episode of All Access, the in-ring comeback, and a few other subjects.

Adam and Britt took the time to talk about how they met. For those who are unaware, Adam and Britt met on Bumble! When Britt first started wrestling, she was quite direct and did not want to date Cole. It took her three months to eventually agree to meet him. Britt claimed that she didn’t expect to hear from Cole during a pivotal time because he was in Japan for WrestleKingdom and had won the ROH championship once more. Despite all of that, Cole continued to make an attempt and communicate. He got her after she went on her first date, finally!

On the first episode of All Access, City and Cole/Baker discussed seeing Kyle O’Riley, an old friend of Cole’s, as well as the late Anthony Bourdain and their friendship. Cole stated, “Kyle is doing well, recovering from a major injury. Kyle was there as a friend, checking on me”.

City then asked the couple to drop the romantic overtones and focus instead on what they had each other teach them. When Baker said, “I learned a lot of character work from him. He oozes charisma in the ring.” Cole thanked Baker, then averred “For the longest time I never really focused on gear, but being with her it opened my eyes to wanting to get cool stuff made. And in life, she has helped me in so many different ways.”

Getting to switch gears just a tad bit, City asked the couple about two fantasy booking scenarios, one for the second season of All Access, and one for Forbidden Door. Their answers were interesting! Cole and Baker decided that Eddie Kingston should have a feature in Season 2 of All Access. Cole said, “It would be fantastic to watch Eddie Kingston for hours.” Then Baker said, “Same answer. During the entire pandemic era, we lived close and I was responsible for getting him back and forth. He’s the most interesting person on the roster.”

As for the Forbidden Door fantasy matches, Adam Cole wants to wrestle Okada on the card, and Dr. Britt Baker wants to get in the long line of women who want to wrestle Mercedes Mone. Tony Khan, make this happen!

Wrapping up the conversation, they were both asked about Cole’s in-ring return last night. Cole expressed that he is nervous, but excited, as this is something that he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to do again. Baker said she will be watching the match tonight from the gorilla position (across from the stage) and is probably the most nervous person in the building. She is very excited about Adam’s gear.

This short time has us here at Women’s Wrestling Talk amped about the premier of AEW’s All Access. Will you be tuning in? If so, catch us on the All Access Post Show, exclusively on Women’s Wrestling Talk, starting April 9th, to share your thoughts and feelings!


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