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AEW Double or Nothing Media Call

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, Tony Khan of AEW invited the media to engage in a question-and-answer session about Double or Nothing and AEW in general. Tony Khan made some interesting points about AEW, the Owen Hart Tournament, ROH, the relationship with Warner Discovery, and more. However, as we do talk about women’s wrestling, I thought it would be best to note some of the things he stated about women with regards to AEW.

With regards to the Owen Hart Tournament, Tony said he liked how the tournament was going with regards to how many different outcomes were happening. He specified being excited about the finals and who would face off with Dr. Britt Baker which was Ruby Soho or Kris Statlander.

I asked Tony the following:

“It’s great that we have three women’s matches on the card for Double or Nothing. Is it possible with future pay-per-views to have one of the women’s matches be the main event of the PPV?”

Tony answered by stating this:

“Well, we’ve had some great events so far in aw was great women’s matches where we’ve had Battle of the Belts, both Battle of the Belts have been headlined by the Women’s World Championship we had thunder rovers Nyla rose about all the belts to and big success with Dr. Britt Baker versus Rio for the title at the original battle.”

He added: “The belts did a great number and we had the original Grand Slam aw Grand Slam dynamite at Arthur Ashe stadium main event is the biggest TV show in our historic main event by Dr. Britt Baker versus Ruby solo. If we get the match where it’s the main event, it’s unquestionably the biggest match on the show I feel Hangman Page and CM Punk right now is the main event I believe that that would be great and I would love to put that match in the main event spot just like we have for many of the biggest shows in the history of this company, including Grand Slam their biggest TV show, and like I said the first rampage and many others. ”

Tony was also asked about having a women’s tag title and a women’s trio’s title.

“So, I have thought about doing those and I think as we continue expanding the roster and hopefully get more teams and also get some people who have been injured on the shelf back. And the trio’s belt again would you mentioned would be something that I think the fans would really enjoy and a lot of the fans have called for but you know, I also really would love to add more titles and more champions as we go if they make sense.”

Tony was also asked about AEW’s relationship with DDT Pro and the Forbidden Door aspect with more women being involved. 

“We’ve had a lot of great wrestlers, male and female all over the world come through AEW and I would certainly be interested in getting more women and men through the forbidden door including more people from DDT, they’re a great company. And I would certainly be interested in getting more women and men through the forbidden door including more people from DDT. They’re a great company. And we’ve had some good exchanges with them and a lot of the great companies in Japan that we’ve worked with and no company that we work closely with, of course, the New Japan Pro Wrestling, but always looking for great talents to bring in from AEW.”

Tony also mentioned having the roster express themselves with issues important to them was important such as BLM and CM Punk with his shirt about women’s rights. He also mentioned being happy with AEW’s growth from 3 years ago and how excited he is for it’s continued success.

You can listen to the full interview below.

Until next time this is Katrina



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