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#AEWDark Recap: Women’s Wrestling Continues To Dominate

AEW Dark Women’s Matches Straight off the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, AEW Dark brings us another action-packed episode of their weekly Youtube show. We are treated to four women’s matches! Kilynn King vs. Renee Michelle, La Rosa Negra vs. Sky Blue, Riyo Mizunami vs. Dani Jordyn, and Julia Hart vs. Nikita Knight. Kilynn King vs. Renee Michelle

In this episode, Ohio Native Kilynn King and one-half of the hell-on-heels tag team, Renee Michelle, battled it out. Renee watched Kilynn enter the ring as a cat would a mouse while draped on the ropes with her legs crossed. Both women tried to test their strength by locking up but saw that it was pointless and decided to talk trash to each other instead. Kilynn tries to lock up again, but Michelle mushes her in the face, to.. you know. Show how much of a professional she is. This tactic works and gets this match into full gear. Renee throws some elbows, yells at the referee(which Taz, who is on commentary, is in full support), and even throws in some choking with her boot to King’s neck. The battle of the kicks was underway soon after, but eventually, Michelle ended that. A brutal German suplex puts Kilynn back into the game. She pins Renee but can’t get the win. So, she tries her finisher, the kingdom falls, and she gets the success she wants. King promptly kicks Renee Michelle out of the ring and smirks as her hand is lifted. La Rosa Negra vs Skye Blue

No one was more excited than me to see La Rosa Negra’s debut. La Rosa was ready to bring that fire in her sparkly orange ring gear as Skye Blue came into the ring with a bright smile. Rosa wiped that smile off with a few hard blows, and a spine buster showed that she was there to go to work. Skye Blue goes to the ropes to use some fast high flying moves and back leg kicks to slow down her opponent. A belly-to-belly doesn’t win Skye, but a modified flat liner has LA Rosa Negra seeing stars. This was a very, very short match. I wasn’t expecting La Rosa to win in her debut match, but I believe that both women deserved a least four more minutes to show what they could do. Riyo Mizunami vs Dani Jordyn

Dani Jordyn starts this match playing mind games by breaking out her ‘burn book,’ as she calls it, and shows that she has a page for Riyo. This works to take away Riyo’s attention, and Dani works to get a pin. This does not work as planned, and Riyo gains control and brings some brutal chops to Riho in the corner. There is no doubt that Mizunami has a size and power advantage as she quickly lays in a leg drop and a power slam to get the win. Riyo poses with the referee while putting on her shades to show she didn’t even break a sweat. I’m very impressed with Riyo, and I think she should be seen as a threat on the women’s roster for the upcoming year. ‘Legit’ Leyla Hirsch vs. Sahara Seven

The other half of the Hell on Hells tag team, Sahara Seven, takes on the technically savvy Leyla Hirsch. Hirsch immediately comes into the match and wants to get Sahara down on the mat. Sahara decides to use her brute force and a little eye-gouging to get control. Sahara is wise to use her size to scoop up Hirsch easily. However, the ever-so-quick Leyla gets out of the grasp of Seven and lays on her signature arm submission, and that is bye-bye for Sahara. Julia Hart vs. Nikita Knight

Nikita Knight and Julia Hart don’t waste time at the beginning of this match to put some arm locks. Julia plays victim for a minute on the ropes to get some breathing room from Nikita. Hart uses that time to take over and breaks out an impressive standing moonsault. The former two-time national cheerleader uses her agility and flexibility to her advantage. Surprisingly, after this moonsault, Julia doesn’t quickly go for the pin. She takes time to pose and hear the crowd cheer. This was, of course, not the smartest thing to do because Nikita gains all of her faculties, picks Hart up, and drops her directly on her head. Julia appears fine but still favors her head for a few minutes. Hart doesn’t skip a beat though, after that tough blow, she was able to deliver a standing split, jawbreaker, and finally a bulldog to take home the win. I love that AEW Dark and Elevation allows more women to be showcased and gives more viewers worldwide access to their weekly programming, but the time for these matches needs to be a little longer. Be sure to check out another episode of AEW Dark next Tuesday at 7 pm.


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