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Alexa Bliss & Bayley Celebrate Six Years On WWE Main Roster

This month, both Bayley and Alexa Bliss celebrate six years on the main roster.

On July 24, 2016, Bayley made her debut on-screen battle for the main roster as a surprise tag team partner for Sasha Banks during the Battleground PPV. They were victorious over Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Later, on August 22, she would make her Raw debut. She fought Dana Brooke and won her first Raw match.

Since July of 2021, when she had an ACL injury, Bayley has been out of play for nearly a year. She signed with WWE for the first time in 2012 and made her NXT debut in January 2013. She will celebrate 10 years in WWE at the start of the next year.

In the six years after Bayley joined the main roster, she has achieved 2019 Money In The Bank winner, 1x Raw Women’s Champion, 2x Smackdown Women’s Champion, the longest-reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion – 380-days, longest-reigning combined days as SmackDown Women’s Champion – 521-days, 2x Women’s Tag Team Champion, first WWE Women’s Triple Crown Champion, and first WWE Women’s Grand Slam Champion.

She was also the NXT Women’s Champion before her promotion to the main roster.

During the 2016 WWE Draft, she was drafted from NXT to SmackDown in the same month. Before facing Becky Lynch on August 9, she would be featured in a women’s division promotion for the blue brand. In her maiden bout, Bliss was successful.

Bliss signed with WWE for the first time in May 2013. In 2014, she participated in Triple H’s WrestleMania XXX entrance with Charlotte and Sasha Banks. In May 2014, her maiden bout was a triumph as she beat Alicia Fox in the first round of the NXT Women’s Title Tournament.

Since Alexa Bliss has been on the main roster for the past six years, she has been a 2x Smackdown Women’s Champion, 3x Raw Women’s Champion, 2018 Money In The Bank winner, Second Women’s Triple Crown Champion, 2x Women’s Tag Team Champion, WWE 24/7 Champion.

Bliss just defeated Doudrop on Raw and stated she’d aim for the top following SummerSlam.


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