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Ase Wrestling: Taking You Back, While Looking Forward

Asé. A Yoruba philosophy that embodies the power that makes things happen and produces change. I certainly think that this is fitting for such a promising promotion as Asé. 

Started in 2023, and based in North Carolina, Asé Wrestling is a very exciting wrestling promotion that aims to become a territory that can help put North Carolina on the map, as a mecca for pro wrestling again. 

 Asé Wrestling owner Darius Lockhart hopes to bridge the gap between wrestling legends and younger talent to create a proper ecosystem. 

A chance for fans to have some of the best wrestlers come together to showcase some good ole’ wrasslin. 

To bring back great storytelling and let the pops linger more with the people than the bumps. 

Recently, in an exclusive interview with WWT, Darius Lockhart talked about legendary storylines in wrestling that stuck with him. 

CM Punk and Samoa Joe during their ROH days was cited. I was excited to hear this because I miss storylines like that on the indies.

This was a period in the industry when wrestlers were able to have the time and the fans' attention to really build a feud that took you through different cycles and acts. That left you full and satisfied as a viewer.

Feuds that are studied, admired and talked about for decades to come. So this is refreshing to know that Asé wrestling is bringing this to the table and deems the pageantry and ebbs and flows of a well-crafted story to be a priority from its inception. 

Asé’s first show On December 1, 2023, started off with a bang. When it showcased two powerhouses like Trish Adora and Aja Kong as the main event for the inaugural show. 

The bar was set high, and I believe that Asé will continue to meet those expectations. 

This weekend, Asé prepares to put on their second show and has a card that will make you want to scream and shout!

This black history month celebration show will feature: 

Movie Myk vs Ian Maxwell 

Mia Friday vs Jada Stone

Women’s Tag Team Action

King Bees vs Joseline Navarro & Brooke Valentine

Sony Kiss vs Yahya

Darius Lockhart vs Darius Carter


The Main event

Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling championship match

Suge D vs Caprice Coleman

The winner of this match has to face off aganist O'shay Edwards the following night. So this is definitely going to be a battle for sure.

Before the show, fans will be treated to a meet and greet with Ron Simmons and Teddy Long 

Also, a live performance from rising Charlotte artist CYANCA

I can’t fail to mention that our very own Professor Gerard Bonner is the Asé correspondent and has been keeping up to date with everything that will be happening for Saturday's show.

If you can’t be there in person, please do yourself a favour and stream the event online right here:

Check out this awesome preview package, for this Black History Month Celebration, to get you revved up before the event

And check out our interview with Darius Lockhart:


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