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Asuka Ends Bianca Belair’s Reign at Night Of Champions

Asuka puts an end to Bianca Belair’s 420 reign as Raw Women’s Champion.

Although it didn’t compare favorably to their match at WrestleMania, the actual match had its moments. Throughout the contest, Asuka frequently focused on Belair’s hair. Belair continued to fight until Asuka missed with the mist near the end of the match. However, the mist wouldn’t disappear after that.

Asuka spat some of her mist onto her fingers while hanging over the middle ropes. Belair attempted to use the KOD, but Asuka distracted him by turning away from the official and raking his eyes with the mist. Belair would be defeated by Asuka to take the title.

Rhea Ripley def. Natalya

At this event, the SmackDown Women’s Title was also on the line. But this match was incredibly brief. Natalya competed against Rhea Ripley for the gold on her birthday. As a result of Dominik’s diversion, Natalya was unable to even begin her offense. For the victory, Ripley only needed one minute to land Riptide on Natalya.

Trish Stratus def. Becky Lynch

Trish Stratus faced Becky Lynch at Night of Champions, marking her return to singles competition after a four-year absence. The attire worn by Stratus was a tribute to the pink and black attire she had on the night she competed in the main event on Raw. Lynch was influenced by Kill Bill wearing a yellow bodysuit.

This match between a member of the Hall of Fame and one of the biggest names in the business today was just as entertaining as you would anticipate. Lynch believed she had won the game with a ManHandle Slam in the closing seconds. Lynch’s ring awareness, however, fell short, and Stratus broke the count by putting her leg on the bottom rope.

Stratus rolled out of the ring as Lynch was still trying to process the fact that she didn’t get the pin. As Lynch pursued her, Stratus attempted to scurry beneath the ring. Lynch seized her adversary and threw her back into the ring. As a result, Zoey Stark was able to crawl out from under the ring while the referee was distracted.

Lynch was given the Z360 by Stark, who then threw her back into the fight. In order to get the three count and win, Stratus landed Stratusfaction. As the segment came to a close, Stratus and her new protégé Stark marched up the ramp in celebration.

At Night of Champions, Stratus might want to thank Zoey instead of the “Thank you Trish” she has been requesting.

Check out our Night Of Champions Post show below.


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