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B-FAB Says She Would Return To WWE

Former WWE Superstar B-Fab recently spoke on The Angle Podcast and recounted the rest of Hit Row leaving WWE.

B-Fab had been fired first, before the other three, and he was taken aback by the circumstances.

“Well, I was actually here having dinner with my family,” she said. “A buddy of mine got a text message from Twitter saying they’d gotten their release. Now, Twitter is like the number one spot for memes and all these things. So I was like, ‘oh, this is a joke, there’s no way. Why would they release them, that doesn’t make any sense.’

“I actually text the boys in our group chat. They were like, ‘yeah, we just got the call.’ I was shaken, I was like, ‘what is happening? I don’t understand this.’ I felt like they could have still gone on and done some very impactful things in WWE.”

According to the promotion, one of the reasons for her departure was that her in-ring performance did not measure up to the standards of the other wrestlers on the roster. B-Fab, on the other hand, feels she would have been prepared to put in the additional effort to achieve that level if she had been given the opportunity.

“I feel like, with the kind of person I am and my work ethic, I am always willing to do extra,” she said. “I am always willing to put in the work to do and become whatever is necessary. And what is needed for the job? I felt like I could have been put back in the Performance Center, or whatever needed to be done for me to get the training that they needed for me to be in the position they needed. I feel like the short answer instead of, ‘let’s put time into this because it’s going to be a good product and she looks great with the group.’

“As I said, I am a person who believes that everything happens for a reason. And things always work out for the better. So, I don’t really have any ill feelings, it is what it is. Time has passed, of course. But I really wish I could have stayed there and done more, and showed everybody exactly who B-Fab was. I had so many layers to her, that I wanted to showcase.”

Despite the release, B-Fab said that she would be happy to return to the firm if the chance occurred since everything in business is about making money and making a living.

“I would be open to going back. For me, business is business, it is what it is. There’s nothing you can do about big companies and the decisions that they make. So there’s no reason to have any ill-feeling. You always just have to operate and do your thing as a business as well. So, I would go back.”


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