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Becky Lynch Pushing For PLE In Ireland

It is no secret that international events have been a massive success for WWE. As we all wonder what the destination for the next Premium Live Event will be, one wrestler has put forward a suggestion. Former Women’s Champion Becky Lynch believes it’s about time that Ireland hosts a Premium Live Event.

Speaking on Mark Andrews My Love Letter to Wrestling, Lynch talked about pitching the idea of an Irish PLE.

“We were just talking about that. Yes, I gave the venue and all, they already asked, and we can have one. I don’t know that we have the population to sustain it, but I think when you have the UK and Europe so close, absolutely,” – transcribed by Wrestling News

Over the last year, we have seen the success of international PLE’s. Clash at the Castle in Cardiff was a huge success, so much so that WWE is returning to the UK for Money in the Back. Most recently, Backlash in San Juan, Puerto Rico, showed us there is a demand for PLE-level wrestling outside of the mainland US and UK. And it’s not just WWE tapping into the international market. AEW’s All-In event at Wembley Stadium in London recently passed the 60,000 mark in ticket sales.  

An often overlooked area on WWE’s UK tours, Ireland has been the location of plenty of live events but rarely home to RAW or Smackdown, let alone a PLE. Much like how WWE tapped into the history of wrestling in Puerto Rico by using past and present stars, Ireland is a country with a rich wrestling heritage. When Ireland boasts talent that includes Sheamus, Finn Balor, and Lynch, there is plenty of reasons for Ireland to host PLE. 

As Lynch states, even if Ireland could not sustain the PLE, plenty of wrestling fans from the UK and mainland Europe are desperate to see a PLE live for the first (and not first) time.

Those are our thoughts, but what do you think? Should Ireland host a PLE? Where should WWE head next? Let us know what you think. We love hearing from you.  


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