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Becky Lynch Returns To Monday Night Raw

Becky Lynch is back!

After distributing flyers asking, “Where is Becky Lynch?” backstage, Trish Stratus had a promo. Lynch was mocked once more in the promo, with Stratus claiming that she would never be seen again. Lynch’s music was popular, but Stratus was just using it as a ruse to fool the crowd as she laughed at how credulous everyone is.

Lynch’s music returns a short while later, much to Stratus’ surprise because that wasn’t the original plan. Becky returned this time, and in the ring, she was positioned behind Trish. Lynch hit Stratus with a ManHandle slam, causing him to roll out of the ring and retreat up the ramp.

The SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley faced a new challenger on the May 8 episode of Raw. It was initially Dana Brooke.

After a short while, Ripley defeated Brooke in a non-title match. Early in the match, Brooke displayed some offense, but it would take a riptide and subsequent locking her in the Prism for her to submit. After the match, Ripley continued to pursue Brooke, landing a second Riptide and locking in the Prism submission.

As Natalya moved toward the ring, music would start to play. Before things got physical, the champion was going to force herself out of the ring after she approached Ripley face to face.

Zoey Stark made her Raw debut in the second women’s match of the evening. Backstage, she and Nikki Cross got into an argument that resulted in the match. After delivering the Z360, Stark earned her first victory.

Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville were the last two to collect signatures while they were walking around backstage. Even though they weren’t telling everyone, the signatures are to get them a shot at the tag title. Xia Li was the first to sign it as they approached Candice LeRae, Johnny Gargano, and Indi Hartwell.

Dexter Lumis declined when Hartwell asked if they should sign the document.

Later on in the evening, they met Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez, the reigning tag team champions. All they needed to do, according to Morgan, was ask for another match. Regardless, the champions pledged to take them on after Friday’s victory over Damage CTRL and signed the petition. Green and Deville chuckled because they planned to take on Damage CTRL rather than the reigning champions.


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