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Becky Lynch Shares Her Thoughts On AEW Women’s Division

Becky Lynch, the former Raw Women’s Champion, recently remarked on the progress of the WWE women’s division.

Lynch was asked what shifted women’s wrestling in WWE from the Divas era to what we see now with talents like herself being the main event caliber while chatting with Drew Garabo Live Featured Cut of the Day.

Lynch responded, “Me (jokingly). No, But really I think it was first of all a hungry group of girls that loved it. That we’re tired of being relegated to two-minute matches, 30-second matches even. Undeniably, the crowd sensed our potential and wished us well.

She continues, “Triple H never treated us like we were any different than the guys. Always made sure we were represented on NXT with great stories, with time, with opportunity. And it just grew from there, and it was a spark. I think once we proved that we were capable of hanging with the guys, and we were capable of stealing the show.”

During the conversation, Lynch was asked about a potential fight with Trish Stratus and her spectacular win over Lita in February. She has an AEW competition outside of WWE, which she says encourages her to raise the bar.

“I wish I could say ‘yes,’ but, unfortunately, I don’t think they have represented the way we are, they don’t get as much time as we get, and frankly, they’re not as good as we are.”

She added, “We have, certainly on Raw, we have the best women’s division in the world. I say that without any hesitation in my voice. We have the best women’s division in the world. It’s fantastic to have a competition and another venue. I have a dear buddy, Ruby Soho, who I hope to see as a champion. I would love to see her get the spotlight she deserves. Competition is always great. Over here, we’re on another level right now.”

Lynch returns to Raw after losing the Raw Women’s Title to Bianca Belair at WrestleMania. As they were about to start a program together, Asuka came back.

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