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Becky Lynch Stopped By Immigration In Canada, Blames Trish Stratus

Becky Lynch blames Trish Stratus for being held by an immigration official in Canada.

This is what Becky Lynch said in the post below. WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is to blame for the whole thing, she said. There will be two WWE live events this weekend in Canada, and Trish will be the host for both of them. Before this week, Trish used social media to promote her guest host appearances. Becky told her to be careful.

“I rock up to Canada last night in my best @brethitmanhart swag. “It’s the respectful thing to do” – thinks I. Immigration pulls me to the side- “sorry ma’am, you have to go this way” I turn the corner – must be a two-hour wait at least.

It’s midnight. I have a child. What’s wrong with you?! Get to the top of the line. The officer smiles at me. “ @trishstratuscom sends her regards”- This b—h.”

A picture of Becky Lynch’s mugshot was tweeted by Trish Stratus this afternoon. She said that she was being charged for “being a brat.” — Trish Stratus (@trishstratuscom) March 26, 2022

In Kitchener, Ontario, there is a WWE live event today at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium. In Toronto, there will be a show at the Coca-Cola Coliseum on Sunday.

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