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Becky Lynch Triumphs Over Zoey Stark In Chaotic Falls Count Anywhere Match Ahead Of WWE Payback

This Saturday at Payback, the Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus saga will finally come to an end. Lynch had to take care of Zoey Stark before we arrived. In the main event of Raw, Stratus' protege, who has been with her since the Lynch feud began, faced Lynch. A Falls Count Anywhere match took place.

Stratus did everything in her power to aid Stark in winning, effectively turning the match into a 2 on 1 contest. This included thwarting a ManHandle Slam that might have imprisoned Stark in the area of the timekeepers. Lynch received a bulldog from Stratus in its place, and it knocked them into a table. Stark was dragged over by Stratus for the cover, but Lynch resisted.

All three women would ascend to the top of a large equipment box, where the fight would continue in the audience. The double bulldog attempt by Stark and Stratus was unsuccessful because Lynch threw Stark off the box. Stratus' Chick Kick was unsuccessful. Prior to Lynch attempting the ManHandle Slam, Stratus and Lynch exchange blows. Stark stops it but unintentionally punches Stratus through a table and off the box.

In order to pin Stark and win, Lynch successfully connects with the ManHandle Slam off the box and onto a different table. Lynch, who is visibly upset, holds up her Bray Wyatt arm band as Raw comes to a close.

The Women's World Title match that will take place at Payback was finally built, and we saw it. Early in the evening, a promo video for Raquel Rodriguez's opponent against Rhea Ripley aired. In the subsequent in-ring advertisement, Ripley took the microphone. Rodriguez, according to her, is big and strong but not Rhea Bloody Ripley. As Rodriguez left the room, Ripley continued to disparage her opponent.

A fight broke out between the two, and Rodriguez emerged victorious after Mami was knocked out of the ring by a fallaway slam.

Before the main event, Tiffany Stratton, the NXT Women's Champion, was spotted in the audience. This may fuel speculation that Becky Lynch will join NXT after finishing her relationship with Trish Stratus.

On last week's NXT, Stratton recently made the error of referring to Lynch as a former NXT Women's Champion. The Man responded to this on social media by saying that she hasn't held that title...yet. Although Stratton corrected herself live, she said it didn't matter because Lynch was unimportant.

We do know that this week, four women will compete for the title of top contender, determining who Stratton's next opponent will be. Kiana James, Gigi Dolin, Roxanne Perez, and Blair Davenport.


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