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Becky Lynch: Welcome To The Big Time B**** Woof! Woof!

The biggest women’s match on Night of Champions has been agreed upon. Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus signed a contract on the May 22 Raw finale. This is Stratus’s first time ever, and she vowed it would also be Lynch’s last, she said.

Before Stratus entered the ring, Lynch swiftly signed the agreement. Trish initiated the conversation when she entered the ring. She persisted in bragging that if it weren’t for her, contracts wouldn’t even be signed. She continues by saying that she has held the top spot ever since joining WWE and did not require a blow to the face to do so.

In response, Lynch eventually said that despite the badness inside her head, she has had a career that Trish can only hope for. If Trish thought acting like a dog was embarrassing, wait until she defeats her at Night of Champions, the woman claims. Stratus dumped the table on Lynch before leaving the ring after Becky added a bitch and a woof to the end of the segment.

Zoey Stark def. Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae is faced off by Zoey Stark. A Stark vignette that aired before the match was a nice touch to highlight the new called-up. Even though the length of the match should have been doubled, it still accomplished its goal.

Nikki Cross did make her way to the ringside in an effort to assist LeRae, but Stark would ultimately prevail. Her Z360 delivery resulted in the pinfall.

Raquel Rodriguez def. Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville and Raquel Rodriguez competed in the second match. After learning that Liv Morgan was hurt and the two couldn’t defend the tag titles, Rodriguez defeated Chelsea Green last week. The titles have been relinquished, and the new champions will be chosen the following week.

Once again, it was a brief contest that Rodriguez would win with the Texana Bomb and a spinning senton in the corner. Following the match, Green kneed Raquel in the head before Deville ran over her and knocked her to the ground. She descended when Shotzi’s music began to play to save the situation.

Shotzi was later confirmed as Rodriguez’s partner in the upcoming Fatal Four Way for this Friday. Bayley/IYO SKY and Shayna Baszler/Ronda Rousey are the other two competing teams.

This week, Maxxine Dupri appeared as the Alpha Academy valet. She appears to have left the Maximum Male Models, as they haven’t been happy with her absence. Valhalla and Dupri did cross paths in the ring, but Dupri scared her off. This did aid Chad Gable in winning.

Check out our Raw Post-Show below.

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