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Becky Lynch Will Finally Get Her Hands On Trish Stratus

Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus will square off in the first women’s match at Night of Champions, it has been confirmed.

Lynch entered the ring on the May 15 episode of Raw to confirm this match while still reeling from Stratus’ betrayal. Lynch began the segment by pointing out that, even when one is The Man, there are circumstances in which it is necessary to ask for advice and support. She claims to have done so using the stories of Stratus and Lita. In contrast to Stratus, Lita was enjoyable.

Lynch continued by thanking Trish, but not in the manner that the Hall of Famer had anticipated. She would be grateful to her for giving The Man’s evil a face and a target so that it can be pursued. On May 27 at 1 PM ET from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, she promises to kick Status in the head at the event.

Next Monday’s episode of the go-home show will feature both women signing contracts.

Rhea Ripley, the SmackDown Women’s Champion, was seen backstage watching the Lynch promo as it came to an end. Cathy Kelley came up to her and questioned Ripley about Natalya joining Raw and how she confronted her last week.

Ripley was informed by Natalya that she was the most dominant female champion of the SmackDown Women’s Title in history. Moreover, she should stop kicking people when they are down, as she did with Dana Brooke last week. She isn’t going to get the respect she deserves by navigating the division.

Natalya, according to Ripley, entered the ring last week not because Dana Brooke was present, but rather because she wanted people to start caring about her once more. She is forewarned by Ripley that interrupting her will not advance but will destroy her career.

Now that they have been selected by the red brand, Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler are back on Raw. Since winning the WrestleMania Showcase at that event, the team has been missing. Prior to that match, Rousey sustained an injury, which is why they haven’t appeared on TV since.

After Chelsea Green was defeated, they reappeared after one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Raquel Rodriguez won. Due to an injury sustained by Liv Morgan on SmackDown, a match that was intended to be for the gold had to be changed at the last minute. Rousey and Baszler both showed up as Rodriguez was celebrating her victory by making her way up the ramp and onto the stage when they both kicked her.

Rodriguez is informed by Rousey and Baszler that they are sick of waiting for a title opportunity and that he can defend the trophy with or without Morgan. She will continue to take the same beating every week, though, if she decides not to defend the titles.

Backstage Nikki Cross was being harassed by Zoey Stark until Candice LeRae showed up. The two would argue verbally as Stark made fun of LeRae’s “weirdo” family. The two will compete in a match the following week.


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