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Bianca Belair Has Reservations on Turning Heel

After winning the Royal Rumble 2021, WWE RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair has been one of the top women’s wrestlers. Her unique moves and charismatic in-ring persona have made her a WWE babyface for two years. The WWE EST’s positive attitude has made her a reliable public figure to represent the company in media events outside of wrestling, such as her recent appearance on “The Today Show” with her husband, WWE superstar Montez Ford.

However, in a recent interview with Graham Matthews of WrestleRant, Bianca Belair expressed her doubts about a heel turn.

“I feel like I have a positive impact and walking out seeing the signs and seeing the kids, people coming up to me saying ‘you inspire me.’ … To have that connection with people and to think about maybe possibly turning on people, is like me turning on them, you know.”

The RAW Women’s Champion was a heel in NXT, so she’s used to playing bad guys in wrestling. Belair hasn’t wrestled as a heel since being called up to Monday Night RAW in March 2020. She adds that she is still open to changing her character at the right time.

“It was fun to be a bad guy. The EST, you know, it can go either way. It can go either way, so we’ll see. I’ll never say never ‘cause NXT Belair, she was something.”

Bianca will compete with her team at “Survivor Series: WarGames” on Saturday in the main roster’s first women’s WarGames match. She is also closing in on 236 days as RAW Women’s Champion.

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