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Bianca Belair Is Eagerly Waiting To Face Charlotte Flair

Bianca Belair wants to defeat Charlotte Flair to reach the mountaintop.

Belair reinvents WWE’s women’s division. Bianca is proud to be one of the WWE’s current standard-bearers, continuing the work of many who laid the groundwork for women’s sports and the few who seized the moment and propelled women’s wrestling to new heights.

Belair defeated three WWE Four Horsewomen—Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley. She only needs to defeat Charlotte Flair. Bianca tells Baby Huey on the In The Kliq podcast that Charlotte Flair reminds her of herself. While relieving that Charlotte is the last 4HW she must defeat.

“Yes, that is one of my top goals, to eventually defeat and pin all Four Horsewomen,” she stated. “As you said, I’ve gotten three out of the four. I’m excited to go up against Bayley again to just solidified the fact that she is one of the Horsewomen that I have pinned. Then, eventually, to go after Charlotte Flair. For her to be the last one that I have to try to conquer is a big task for me being that, when I first came to WWE, she was one of the first women that I looked up to.”

“I think a lot of people forget that she is a homegrown talent,” Bianca added. “I mean, her dad is Ric Flair, but she is a homegrown talent, so I always saw myself in her. Feel like I’m at the top of the mountain if she’s the last one. I’m leading a new generation of women’s wrestlers with Rhea Ripley. Since we’re here, they just have to move over and make room for us.”

Bianca is currently rekindling her rivalry with Bayley, as she already revealed. Damage CTRL is a brand-new faction in which Bayley is the leader. If she formed a faction, Bianca said she would invite Rhea Ripley and another WWE newcomer.

Charlotte has already mentioned Bianca Belair as one of the few intriguing matches she has remaining on the current roster.

“I guess it’s the question is, who’s there to beat me? Rhea and Bianca, are my targets next,” Charlotte admitted when appearing on HOT 97 earlier in March 2022.

“I expect big things not that Bianca hasn’t already done big things, and I still look at my Money in the Bank match with Rhea Ripley, it was a great match. Want to see, you know, what’s next for both of them and I’ve never had a completely full program with either one of them. I think Rhea has kind of been a start-stop. WrestleMania we had the NXT. But that wasn’t really followed up. You know, we had that WrestleMania match in the Performance Center during COVID and then I lost the title at TakeOver.

So there was really no story or build-up or what happened after and then when we got when she came to Raw, it was the Money in the Bank match, but then it turned into a Triple Threat and I got cashed in on. So I still think there’s a story left there, and she’s got to climb this mountain, both of them.”

Charlotte and Bianca faced each other in NXT and in the main event of Monday Night Raw in October 2021.


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