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Bianca Belair Says Her Feud With Doudrop Was A “Special Moment”

Doudrop’s feud with Bianca Belair, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion, has a special moment in it, according to the former champion.

For the last several months, these two have been fighting it out to see who would face RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in the final. To claim victory in Jeddah’s Women’s Elimination Chamber, the 32-year-old pinned opponent Alexa Bliss. A second competitor, Doudrop, took part in the competition but was knocked out early on.

When speaking with WrestleTalk, Belair shared her experience of striking Doudrop with a KOD, which made her feel like she was the strongest.

“I love to get in the ring with Doudrop. I loved that feud too because I feel like I got to show a different side of me. I’m used to being the person in there that’s the bigger person and stronger and tougher, but Doudrop, she’s a strong competitor so I got to show more of my athleticism with her. But to be able to finally KOD her after she had been running from me week after week, I feel like that was a special moment there, and I really wanted to prove that I was the strongEST. I train all the time for it, and it was just my moment to prove it at that moment,” said Bianca Belair.

During her match with Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair claims that she was at her best.

Last year, with the SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line, Belair and Banks faced off on the greatest platform of them all: WrestleMania After a nail-biting battle, Bianca was the one who emerged victoriously. Her triumph represented her first time as the promotion’s champion in the promotion’s history.

Belair mentioned the bout in another recent interview with WrestleTalk, stating that it was one of her favorites of all time.

“It was very special. t’s gonna go down as one of my favorite matches of my entire career, if not my favorite match. Also to just get in the ring with Sasha Banks for one, she calls herself ‘The Boss’ and she lives up to that. She is that. She pushed me to my limit, she brought the best out of me,” Belair said.

Bianca Belair will face Big Time Becks at WrestleMania 38 for the Raw Women’s Championship in Dallas.


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