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Big Swole – 5 Memorable Moments

Big Swole has always had a strong presence on the scene. Swole was one of the most talked-about topics in the year 2021. It makes no difference how many people support her or oppose her; she does a good job of keeping relevant and in the discourse. In that regard, examine the following five highlights from Swole’s career, which span a variety of promotions.

5. WWE Debut: Nia Jax defeats Ariel Monroe 8/1/16 Raw

Despite the fact that WWE referred to Swole as a “local competitor” in their YouTube video, a two-minute battle between former WWE Superstar Nia Jax and Swole was Swole’s first public outing in the wrestling world. Swole delivered a powerful performance that caught the audience’s curiosity and focused attention on her career.

4. SHINE tag team titles – Big Swole and Aja Perera defeats Gabby Gilbert & Luscious Latasha 9/21/2019

via LWOS

The Tag Team Championships at Shine 61 created history. Ayla Fox led the Triple Aye squad into the battle (Big Swole/Aerial Monroe and Aja Perera). Because of their victory at Shine 60, they earned a shot at Rainbow Bright’s Tag Team Championships. This was a New York City Street Fight, with no disqualification or count-out. Aja and Big Swole, with their “athlet-thick” combo, were simply too much for Rainbow Bright. There had never been two African-American women to hold the titles before this victory.

3. Tooth & Nail Cinematic Match – AEW All Out 9/05/2020

via Wrestling Headlines

Falls have tallied anywhere during this battle, which was regulated by a set of rules that might be changed at any time. The setting for the cinematic bout at AEW All Out was Dr. Britt Baker’s dentistry office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The clashes between the two female AEW wrestlers were all over Britt’s workplace. Big Swole was able to win with the use of nitrous oxide, which caused the knockout. This bout marked the beginning of Dr. Britt Baker’s heel turn and served as a spark in her development into the figure she is today. Swole was able to bring her seasoned expertise and talent to the forefront, assisting Britt in reaching the next level.

2. RISE Phoenix of The RISE title Win Big Swole defeats Zoe Lucas 8/10/2019

via RISE Wrestling

Rise Wrestling, an American independent wrestling organization, established and utilizes the Phoenix of RISE Championship (RISE Phoenix Championship) for their women’s championship. It first aired in November of 2016. This bout completed a long-running feud between Zoe and Swole, with Swole eventually beating Zoe. Swole was able to win not just the bout, but also the championship. Big Swole has been the Phoenix champion for almost 870 days, giving her the longest-reigning champion in RISE history.

  1. AEW Dark #107 Three Strikes Match Big Swole defeats Diamante 9/7/2021

via AEW

Diamante and Big Swole squared off in this match. The ways of winning were in the following order: pinfall, submission, and knockout. Swole won the first fall with a back suplex, followed by a knee strike that nearly killed the match. Swole then attempted a Dirty Dancing rolling elbow during the second fall, but Diamante rolled her up to win. During the final fall, the only chance to win was via knockout, and Swole triumphed. These ladies put on a stunning display, demonstrating their remarkable ability and will to win. There is no doubt that this battle deserves to be on our list since it was definitely one of Swole’s most powerful moments in his entire career.

There is so much more greatness left for Big Swole to achieve, and we will all be tuning in to see where 2022 and beyond takes her!


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