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Billie Starkz to Challenge for Major TJPW Championship

Yuka Sakazaki has competed in high stakes matches since 2022, when she returned to the top of Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling. She won her third Princess of Princess Championship at Wrestle Princess III on October 9. Even on their first wrestling tour in Japan, eager opponents from around the world line up for the belt.

Sakazaki announced on October 31 that rising star Billie Starkz will challenge her at the November 27 All Rise show.

Miyu Yamashita, Reika Saiki, Yuu, Rika Tatsumi, Shoko Nakajima, and Sakazaki have held Tokyo Joshi Pro’s Princess of Princess Championship belt. Only eleven title exchanges and six champions have held the belt since 2016.

At Wrestle Universe III, “Magical Girl” challenged “Big Kaiju” Shoko Nakajima, who held the Princess of Princess Championship for 204 days with four successful defenses. After a grueling match, Sakazaki won, and the two cried in the ring as confetti fell. Sakazaki ended Nakajima’s first reign and will likely compete again for the belt.

[IT'S OFFICIAL] ALL RISE '22 Nov. 27 The challenger to Yuka Sakazaki's Princess of Princess Championship is @BillieStarkz! Huge opportunity for the 17-year-old prospect on her first Japan tour – will she grasp the Japanese Dream at TJPW? Watch LIVE on #wrestleUNIVERSE!#tjpw — TJPW 東京女子プロレス (@tjpw2013) October 31, 2022

However, seventeen-year-old Billie Starkz, on her first Japanese wrestling tour, hopes to dethrone the Magical Girl in under sixty days. Since her 2018 debut, Starkz has wrestled Deonna Purazzo, Mash Slamovich, Mike Bailey, and TJPW’s Maki Itoh.

She is currently a dual champion, holding titles as the second-longest reigning Girl Fight Champion and first 2econd Wrestling Champion. “Space Jesus” is aiming for Tokyo Joshi Pro after four years as a respected wrestler. In fact, she’s even cleared her trip academically as a “cultural experience.”

The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them… I'm going to Japan and I'm coming back a champion #Nevalost — Billie Starkz • ビリー・スタークス (@BillieStarkz) October 31, 2022

“With a reputation fitting in the ring of TJPW, her greatest weapon is her youth and potential,” TJPW wrote on twitter (via translation). “Be sure to watch Billie Starkz!” The young woman responded that fitting in a TJPW ring was “all she ever wanted.” In regard to the matchup announcement, their champion simply replied, “Okay! I’ll do my best.”

Starkz and Sakazaki’s historic match has garnered worldwide support from fans and wrestlers. All that remains is to wait for the two talents to meet.

The All-Rise show will take place on November 27 and is available to stream on TJPW’s usual platform, Wrestle Universe.


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