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Brandi Rhodes Has A Long List Of Goals

Sports Illustrated recently interviewed AEW Chief Brand Officer and American Heart Association partner Brandi Rhode about her professional goals and collaborating with AEW. When asked about her wrestling career, Brandi said that she had been in the industry for roughly ten years and had never won a title. There is a lot more she wants to do in her professional life, she said.

As Brandi returned to the ring, she spoke about how important it was for her to be a role model for her daughter and show her that it’s okay to follow your ambitions.

“I want to set an example to my daughter that you should always strive for your goals,” Brandi said. “I wanted to get right back into the workforce and keep my passions, the ones that keep my soul and my heart happy. As my daughter grows, I hope she sees her mother as hard-working and happy, and I hope that makes her want to pursue her own passions.”

“I like to continue to evolve,” Brandi Rhodes explained. “I was just having this conversation with my husband, and I told him I don’t think I’m ever going to reach a point where I’m not striving for more. I am very driven, and I’ve always been. That was instilled in me by my parents, and that’s who I am. There is a lot more I’m seeking to accomplish. I have been in the wrestling business for about 10 years, and I’ve never held a championship. I don’t want it handed to me. I want to earn it, and I’m putting in the work to do that.”

The promotion’s cooperation with the American Heart Association was also discussed by AEW’s Chief Brand Officer, who outlined the benefits of doing so, saying:

“Heart health is so important, and our goal is to make people conscious of that throughout the year, beginning with American Heart Month. Showing people about heart health and what that can mean, the dangerous signs of heart disease, and creating a more heart-healthy environment, that’s all very important. There is so much potential for growth.”

Brandi and Cody’s Rhodes To The Top, a TNT reality show, is now accessible to watch on HBO Max, as previously mentioned. A second season of the show has been confirmed.


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