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Charlotte Flair Shares Her Relationship With The Other Four Horsewomen: “It is An Unspoken Bond”

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair spoke with Metro UK to discuss her career and fellow Four Horsewomen Bayley, Sasha Banks, and WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Regardless of reports about a real-life falling out with Lynch, “The Queen” addresses how the four will always share a bond, even if they are not on speaking terms.

“It is an unspoken bond,” Flair said. “Our careers have all taken different turns and ended up in different spots at different times. The level of respect is always there, no matter what. You do not… maybe we should talk about it more, but we all know how we feel about each other, what we did, and what it took, and how hard we worked to get where we are.”

Credit: WWE

Flair commended Banks, whom she is feuding with on the Blue brand. She is thrilled to see what is in store for both of them after in being the same ring for the first time since the brand split years ago. “I know this is so corny, but iron sharpens iron,” Flair joked. “Sasha and I have this crazy chemistry. From the moment we locked up, it was FCW at the time, which turned into NXT. It was undeniable.”

Credit: WWE

“To circle back around — because I tell her all the time, ‘I cannot even watch our matches from three or four years ago. They are terrible! I did not even know what I was doing, and they are so bad!’ And then to come full circle and face her again and have the experience that I have and both of us as performers, I am looking forward to seeing what we are capable of doing on TV.”

Credit: WWE

Apart from Banks, Flair is scheduled to face off against The Man at Survivor Series this Sunday. In Survivor Series tradition, the two will wrestle in a non-title Champion vs. Champion match.


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