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Charlotte Flair Thinks Dakota Kai “Will Surprise Us”

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, speaks with Sebastian Hackl of WWE Deutschland. The 13-time champion recalls her big moments and shines a light on some of the other women of WWE.

She talks about her favorite times in Germany, one being wrestling with Carmella who was the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion at the time. She says she felt the most pressure in her match with Asuka at WrestleMania 34 thus far. “Second, would have to be [Saturday] with Ronda.”

Furthermore, she states her favorite WrestleMania moment was with Asuka as well. She briefly details her feelings when they embraced after their historic match. “There was no hesitation, it was like come in for the hug!”

The Future Of WWE

She placed Shotzi and Rhea in her fantasy stable, speaking highly of them both. “I would take Shotzi under my wing. I see a lot of fire there!” She continues, “Shotzi and Rhea Ripley would be my two picks. Even though I love facing Rhea, I don’t want to face her, I want her to be with me!”

In addition, she named Sonya Deville and Rhea Ripley as possible partners to go after the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships in the near future. She expresses her thoughts on Dakota Kai and states she is rooting for the star. “I guess I’m pulling for Dakota Kai. I think she’ll surprise us.”

Kai has made quite the name for herself in NXT, speculating a call-up in the near future. Even without a championship reign, her dominance over the division in NXT proves that she is ready for any competition. If booked correctly, Charlotte Flair versus Dakota Kai could be one of the biggest feuds in women’s wrestling history.

She names Triple H as the person to induct her into the Hall of Fame, going on to discuss her plans outside of wrestling. She talks about wanting to be a villain in a movie. When asked about her superpower, she responds “reading someone’s mind.”


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