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Competition Heats Up for TJPW’s Summer Sun Princess ‘23

Nothing says the peak of summer like sun, sand, and smashing faces in at Ota City General Gymnasium. That is, if you’re involved in TJPW’s Summer Sun Princess ‘23 coming up this weekend on July 8th. 

TJPW’s biggest summer event has been on fans’ calendars for months, with four championships on the line and a plethora of talents ready to make their mark. The card includes international competitors such as Nyla Rose, Sawyer Wreck, and Vert Vixen, freelancers ASUKA/VENY and Ryo Mizunami, new prospects, and TJPW icons such as Miyu Yamashita, Sakisama, Princess of Princess Champion Mizuki, and her challenger Maki Itoh.

Itoh and Mizuki’s stories have been intertwined from their early days in Tokyo Joshi Pro, with Mizuki serving as the sole member of the original Itoh Respect Army. This group was Itoh’s attempt at gaining success during her career’s early trials and tribulations, with Mizuki spearheading the wrestling department.

After the Itoh Respect Army disbanded in a heartbreaking defeat, Mizuki soared to new heights, leaving Itoh alone once again. This rift in their relationship has continued through the highs and lows of both women’s careers. Now, Itoh looks to dethrone her old friend and rival from the highest seat in Tokyo Joshi.

Among the other title matches of the night are: the International Princess Championship match between the White Dragon, Rika Tatsumi, and Yuki Aino, Sawyer Wreck vs Miyu Yamashita for the EVE Championship, and Vert Vixen vs Hikari Noa for the DEFY Women’s Championship in a match aptly titled, “Is the Game Really Over?”

Additionally, with Saki Akai’s 10th anniversary and upcoming retirement, mysterious alter-ego Sakisama teams with Mei Saint Michel to face her old tag team partner Yuki Arai and young blood, Wakana Uehara.

The most highly anticipated matches of the night feature more overseas competitors including a three-way tag clash with Max the Impaler and terrified partner Pom Harajuku taking on Joshi legend Aja Kong and longtime ally Raku, as well as Shoko Nakajima and Hyper Misao. Additionally, Nyla Rose will make her momentous TJPW debut against the company’s strongest talent, former International Princess Champion Miu Watanabe in what is set to be a heavy-hitting, physical match.

Popular tag team Venyu (Kamiyu and ASUKA/VENY) will reunite to face Ryo Mizunami and Nao Kakuta, and TJPW’s newer standouts such as HIMAWARI and Toga will also be clashing in a four-way tag match.

All in all, this compelling card sets up TJPW for one of its best shows of the year— and perhaps one of the best shows of the year in all of wrestling.

The full card for the 2023 Summer Sun Princess show is listed below. The event will be available to stream on WrestleUniverse on Saturday, July 8th.

  1. Mahiro Kiryu, Haruna Neko, HIMAWARI, and Shino Suzuki vs Kaya Toribami, Toga, Haru Kazashiro, and Runa Okubo

  2. Yuki Kamifuki (Kamiyu) and ASUKA/VENY vs Ryo Mizunami and Nao Kakuta

  3. Endo Arisu and Suzume vs Moka Miyamoto and Juria Nagano

  4. Vert Vixen vs Hikari Noa for the DEFY Women’s Championship Match, aka “Is the Game Over?”

  5. Nyla Rose vs Miu Watanabe

  6. Shoko Nakajima and Hyper Misao vs Aja Kong and Raku vs Max the Impaler and Pom Harajuku

  7. Sakisama and Mei Saint-Michel vs Yuki Arai and Wakana Uehara

  8. Rika Tatsumi vs Yuki Aino for the International Princess Championship

  9. Miyu Yamashita vs Sawyer Wreck for the EVE Championship

  10. Mizuki vs Maki Itoh for the Princess of Princess Championship


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