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Could Our Beloved Babyface Liv Morgan Turn Heel?

WWE superstar Liv Morgan is the reigning defending SmackDown Women’s Champion. Morgan became champion after cashing in her Money In The Bank purse on Ronda Rousey.

Morgan retained the Smackdown Women’s Title at WWE SummerSlam, stunning the world and becoming the first woman to twice defeat Ronda Rousey. Controversial conclusion. Before the referee could count to three, Liv tapped out. Liv replied to similar chants on last week’s SmackDown. The WWE Universe is usually outspoken. The champion’s words weren’t very kind, therefore she may turn shortly. Liv’s babyface masks a heel.

Her theme tune and attire are heelish. WWE didn’t properly book the Riott Squad, hence they never became WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. WWE released Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. It helped Liv speak up. Fans thought she’d go, yet she stayed. She interrupted until it was her turn. Fans’ backing and no other choice made her the champion.

Liv hasn’t appeared weak as a champion since she won it since she has all the talents needed and proved many incorrect. Fans love Liv. She’s a good wrestler and mic-worker. She understands the atmosphere, which is key. Does that hurt her WWE career? Liv can babyface, but she needs a heel. Will Liv activate the fans soon?

Liv Morgan may turn heel after her SmackDown promo. She’s always been a cheery, happy girl, but what if she changes her approach? Shayna Baszler won’t lose Clash at the Castle. With Hunter in charge, a win is a must and something fans have been waiting for, but it will be interesting to see who becomes the face of Smackdown’s Women’s Division.

Liv might turn heel by attacking Shayna or becoming furious with fans. Liv has never been a heel, but that may change in the UK match. Good idea? No risk, no reward. Liv may be a better heel than a babyface, which would further develop her character.


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