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Could Tay Conti Becoming A Heel Be Unpleasing To Fans?

Tay Conti has been one of my favorite wrestlers in AEW since her debut in the company in 2020. Released by the WWE in April of 2020, she became All Elite in September of the same year. Whether it was on Dark or Dynamite, Tay consistently showed improvement in the ring and with her character work. Fans loved her and her smile was infectious as she came out to the ring. You couldn’t help but root for her. As Tay was improving, she started to find herself in bigger and better matches.

A few of my favorite moments from Full Gear 2021 include her AEW Women’s Championship battle against Dr. Britt Baker DMD and her street fight with Anna Jay versus the Bunny and Penelope Ford on Rampage’s New Year’s Smash edition. The street fight even won the Biggest WTF Moment of 2021 at the AEW Awards. Both matches gave us a different side to Conti as she showed why she should be taken seriously in AEW. Despite this, I find myself liking her more and more each time she appears on Dynamite or Rampage.

Tay and Sammy Guevara announced their relationship at the start of 2022 and quickly filled everyone’s social media with posts about each other and pictures together at various events or vacations together. They also have been inseparable on Sammy’s weekly YouTube vlog where Tay was promoted to an official Vlog crew member. I didn’t have a problem with this until AEW chose to match Tay and Sammy on TV. On Dynamite, Tay rushed to the ring to support Sammy during his TNT Championship bout against Scorpio Sky.

Paige VanZant ended up attacking Tay and signing an AEW contract. In the meanwhile, Sammy is waiting for Scorpio Sky to agree to a rematch. The problem with all of this is these promos have made me turn on Tay. I don’t believe I am the only one either as live crowds have also seemingly turned on Tay and Sammy. But we as fans are expected to support them in this dispute.

It seems with each promo, Tay strays further from her high energy, always smiling personality she used to have into a darker, more edgy character that seems to love trolling fans with her relationship every chance she gets. In recent weeks, Tay and Sammy haven’t done anything to make me root for them. And Paige is hanging out with some of AEW’s best heels. Hopefully, this angle will end soon with Tay realizing her potential as a heel. I think Tay should turn heel and make the most out of the heat she already has with fans.

Tay and Sammy are already annoying a lot of fans on and off-screen, so imagine what they could do if they really played into it. Tay could become a top heel in the women’s division very quickly if given this opportunity. A great starting feud for her could be against Anna Jay with Anna being upset that Tay basically left her to team with Ruby Soho on episodes of Dark and Elevation while Tay teams up with Sammy instead. So, I think these ladies could put together a great match with a great story behind it. I would also love to see Tay feud with Thunder Rosa for a shot at the AEW Women’s Championship.

I worry that if Tay doesn’t turn heel relatively soon, fans will turn on her and it could be damaging to her career in the future. Tay is an excellent wrestler and I would hate for her career to be damaged by being stuck in a role where fans are against her when they are supposed to be behind her and supporting her.

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