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Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez Meet Again At Halloween Havoc

NXT 2.0 Halloween Havoc ends with Mandy Rose becoming the new NXT Women’s Champion after defeating Raquel Gonzalez. The reign of Gonzalez has seized, but at what cost? Overall, there seems to be something that many have forgotten. The ending of this match lands us back to a rivalry that everyone assumed was over.

A masked attacker appears with a shovel, striking the former champion across the back. Unmasking herself, Dakota Kai reveals that she is the one that has cost Gonzalez the match and now the NXT Women’s Championship.

The return of Dakota Kai leaves many questioning the future of the NXT women’s division while reopening the door to an unfinished feud. One might ask, does Rose now owe Kai a favor down the line? As important as this may seem, the most crucial aspect of this encounter is the feud between Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez that was left unfinished.

The former friends, now brutal enemies, have a history that lands them beyond becoming the first NXT Women’s tag team champions. For many weeks, these women became the most dominating tag in NXT.

Gonzalez defends Kai, playing as a bodyguard for each match. Kai returns the favor when Gonzalez wins the title, going after every single opponent that comes in the way of the NXT Women’s Championship.

Kai shocks everyone when she attacks the former NXT Women’s Champion, leading to their devastating meet-up at NXT Takeover 36. 

Photo credit: WWE

This match is the only one within this feud that we must look back on, and honestly; we need more. The pause in their quarrel left some nervousness, expecting no time for a revisit.

Even with the win at Takeover, Gonzalez will not get rid of Kai that easily. This return puts Gonzalez on notice while displaying Kai’s dominance over the division.

Furthermore, now, the response of Gonzalez awaits the WWE Universe. 

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