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Dakota Kai Explains Meaning Behind “Damage CTRL”

In Dakota Kai’s opinion, control is key.

Dakota Kai explained the origin of the team’s moniker during a guest visit on WWE’s The Bump. Kai, Bayley, and IYO SKY’s objective for the WWE’s women’s division has always included “control.”

“I think we from the very start, we were throwing around the word control. I suppose we wanted to establish that within the division because it had gone off the tracks. So between the three of us, we wanted to take control, control the division, control whatever we could.

It kinda did [become a mess], and we wanted to basically control it again, and I think ‘Damage CTRL’ was just something that came to mind, and we all agreed on it. That’s just kind of how that sort of started. But yeah from SummerSlam, we were throwing around the idea of control.”

Kai also discussed working with Bayley, pointing out that their trajectories have been similar for a while.

“We had the same sort of arc too I think in NXT. I think someone kind of mentioned that we all kind of went to the dark side the same year, all three of us. So we were just in tune with each other. We figured out the cute stuff’s over,” she clarified. “I don’t remember a specific incident, but when someone is skilled, you don’t have to think about it.

That’s just something that I knew from a long time ago, even before you worked with the company, I would get asked from coaches like hey, who do you think we need to bring in, and she was at the top of the list. That was before she was signed, and then you started having NXT dark matches or whatever, and next thing you know, she’s here. So I’m like she’s mine. It might have taken seven years, but she’s mine.”

Watch the full episode of WWE The Bump with Dakota Kai, Bayley & IYO SKY.


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