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Day 1 And Done! Future Competitors For The Raw Women’s Championship

As Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch overcomes Liv Morgan for the third time, she may want to keep an eye on the other women in the division. Everyone is looking for a chance, and no one is willing to pass it up. Here are a handful of my top selections for future number one contenders.

Bianca Belair

She is at the top of the list, and her road to the Raw Women’s Championship is well-defined. Bianca Belair will end the year as the lone survivor of Survivor Series. We’ve seen her compete in the ring with the champion and Doudrop, all while maintaining her name in the mix of top contenders. People may argue that Lynch and Belair are a major ticket for WrestleMania, putting Bianca back on track to defeat all four horsewomen. That match might happen sooner than you think, as fantastic as it sounds.

Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley, a former Raw Women’s Champion, understands how to assert her power with or without a championship. The Nightmare of WWE’s singles career has taken a back seat since her partnership with Nikki A.S.H. Ripley has gone down this road before and appears to be ready for another run at the crown. Ripley has worked with past champions such as Asuka and Charlotte Flair in the ring, and she has everything she needs to become a two-time Raw Women’s Champion in due time.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss’s homecoming has been looming over the WWE Universe for months, and it appears that she is on her way back. A few questions have remained unanswered since her previous WWE appearance. Many believe that this is the return of 2022, and admirers of Bliss want to know what her future intentions are. The champion may want to keep an eye on her with this one since Bliss is known to have many tricks under her sleeve.


Asuka is another long-awaited returnee with a rich history with the title. The grand slam champion is no stranger to championship terrain. Many people would wish to explore the past between these two women. She was in the ring with Lynch when she announced her pregnancy to the world. This pivotal interaction might be part of a plot that picks up right where we left off the night after Money in the Bank 2020.


This is absolutely a wildcard selection for me. Carmella’s status as a former SmackDown women’s champion and current tag team champion keeps her at the forefront of the red brand. During her rule, the championship should keep a watch on her. Becoming a double champion is suitable for the two-time Money in the Bank victor, whose current tag team partnership with Queen Zelina continues to dominate WWE’s women’s tag team division.

Come hang out with Leslie Colon and me after Monday Night Raw on our post-show as we go down tonight’s program! Women’s Wrestling Talk is the only place to get the latest about women’s wrestling.


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