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The 5 Star Athlete: Ruthie Jay


The 5-star athlete is putting on high-flying matches that leaves the crowd gasping as they’re on the edge of their seats. 

Ruthie Jay is bringing an exhilarating fire to the indie circuit and allowing that to sprinkle over into the NWA. 

As a stable member of a very impressive women’s division.

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in Miami Florida, Ruthie Jay learned English at four years old, by watching wrestling and saw the universal language that pro wrestling can bring to any household around the world. 

She received her formal wrestling training from ex-WWE Superstar Gangrel. Beginning her in-ring career in 2020. 

Coastal Championship Wrestling

Cutting her teeth in this Florida-based promotion,  Ruthie Jay now has grown confident in her abilities and has become THAT girl and has the cocky attitude to match.

 A transition from her babyface persona in NWA. 

She has faced off against rising stars like Amber Nova, Lindsay Snow and Freya the Slaya. 

Her cocky bravado paid off because she currently holds the CCW women’s title.

She also received the honour of being ranked 2023’s Female Wrestler of the Year for the promotion. 

Missile drop-kick wrestling

Ruthie Jay is making waves in the Missile Drop Kick promotion based in Michigan, where she holds the women’s title. Making her a two-title Champ!! 


Under the tutelage of agents like Jazz, Ruthie Jay’s explosiveness and diversity of wrestling styles that she displays are improving and it shows that she has a solid foundation to become a premier wrestler. 

This was evident in her opportunity to face off against current NWA women’s champion, Kenzie Page at the Samhain PPV last October. 

This match was definitely must see, and Ruthie challenged Kenzie to keep her eye on her as the year went by. Seeing as they might meet again. 

Whether it’s in CCW, NWA or any other promotion, Ruthie Jay is making a mark and showing why she is a 5 star athlete. 


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