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Does AEW have a Third Show Planned?

Could we be getting a fourth hour of AEW in our wrestling lives? Maybe as news reports suggest that a new hour-long show could be coming to our TVs this July.

Andrew Zarian of the Mat Man Pro Wrestling Podcast reported the potential for a third AEW show. Now Fightful is saying that the time slot in question is Saturday at 6. pm. ET

This news comes after an announced event in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Scheduled on Saturday, July 8th, it is unclear whether the event is Dynamite, Rampage, or an as-yet-to-be-named third show.

So what does this mean for the women of AEW? As with the expansion of any wrestling promotion, with more shows comes more opportunities. But how effectively

If the third show is a sort of promotion for Dark or Dark Elevation, cool, newer talent will get to work in front of a fairly large, live audience and an even larger TV audience.

However, that doesn’t fix people’s main gripe regarding AEW’s Women division. The issue is not the amount women on the roster. Nor is it the lack of talent. The problem is the lack of opportunities for women to prove themselves. Very little connects AEW’s women’s division outside the champions and their respective allies. There are few interconnecting feuds up and down the card outside the title picture. AEW has two categories for its women, top-tier champions then enhancement talent.

Admittedly, there has been a push to highlight women more in the last year. But it has been nearly three years since AEW set out to change the landscape of women’s wrestling, a promise they have underdelivered on.

Can AEW make something out of a third show highlighting their women’s roster? Sure, they can. Will they do it? That remains to be seen.

Those are my thoughts. But what do you this? Are you interested in a third AEW show? Who would you want featured? Let us know what you think. We love hearing from you.


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