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Does Carmella Have Beef In The Jersey Shore?

Jersey Shore star, Angelina Marie, takes to Twitter with a message for the first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank winner. The tweet comes after a post made by WWE that includes a famous line from Angelina.

In addition, she calls out WWE Superstar Carmella. However, Carmella suggests that she does not even know who Angelina is. To no surprise, Angelina wasted no time responding. — Mella Is Money 🤑 (@CarmellaWWE) July 8, 2022

Angelina continues with this message:

“Bitch please. You know exactly who I am and your whole gimmick is based off of me and Staten Island lollllll @WWE @CarmellaWWE Please take several seats girl. Lol. Get your own shit and cut the crap already. We spoke years ago when u first started with wwe lolllll. Bye”

Carmella decides to involve her former cast members. She sends a tweet to Snooki and Jwoww, telling “come get your girl” with a cute little gif from Mike The Situation. In addition, Angelina tells WWE she will fight Carmella for free.

Many fans begin to question if their beef is actually real. Some think that it is all a work, leading to a future feud within WWE. Kayla Braxton chimes in as well, saying that “[Carmella] is queen.” Of course, Angelina responds.

Woo lol girl first off who are u ? Secondly I’ve been around for 14 years and @CarmellaWWE is around for 4/5 years relevant lolll. I don’t need fame off no one lol. No one gives a fuck about her reaction I told her to stop using my stuff as her gimmick that is all. Back up — Angelina Marie (@angelinamtvjs) July 9, 2022

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