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Fans Question WWE Reasons For Not Releasing Paige

Paige has been with WWE since 2011, but it has been a while since the former Divas Champion appeared on WWE TV. Melter was asked about Paige’s status on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio episode and why the company has not released the superstar despite her absence.

Recent budget cuts have jeopardized the jobs of several underutilized talents, and Paige has been on the inactive list for quite some time now.

Melter speculated that WWE officials might feel Paige’s name still has a lot of value and that she could be brought in to pop a rating if required.

Paige was forced to retire from the in-ring competition in 2018, and Melter felt people within WWE might be against the decision to release her due to the career-ending nature due to her injury.

“Maybe they feel that there is value in her as far as appearances and things like that. That her name is strong enough and stuff that, it’s worth it to keep her employed and worth it for the company. Also, because of the injury and the career-ending nature of it, you know there may be some feelings regarding that as well,” said Dave Meltzer.

Paige has not given up on resuming her in-ring career just yet, as the 29-year-old superstar recently revealed that she is actively working towards getting cleared to wrestle again.

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