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Future NXT Breakout Star: Lash Legend

During her time with the WNBA Anriel Howard (Lash Legend) impressively set an NCAA tournament record with 27 rebounds in a single game in 2016 and has proven she has what it takes and then some on the hardwood floor. 2022 will undoubtedly be a breakthrough year for NXT’s Lash Legend. She continues to “lash out” at her opponents in the squared circle. Lash Legend made her debut on September 21, 2021, during a backstage session with Franky Monet. She immediately captivated audiences with her personality and character.

Her own talk show “Lashing Out With Lash Legend” would bring even more drama to her character and current stories inside NXT 2.0, thus she wouldn’t be debuting in the ring for a while. Legend didn’t make her debut until December of that year when she defeated Amari Miller. During that year, Legend would show she is a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

Legend also recently was in a highlighted feud with Nikkita Lyons on the recent episode of NXT 2.0. When Legend enters the ring, she continues to wow fans and establish herself as a top contender in NXT 2.0. I do see Legend being a champion in 2022 if not on the main roster by Wrestlemania 2023. Lash Legend will constantly lash out against her opponents that cross her path. Now that deserves 2 snaps and a clap.


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