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Giulia Accepts Purrazzo & Shaw's Challenge, Iwatani & Nakano Retain Their Gold

The "Stardom x Stardom 2023" event saw multiple championship matches featuring titles from both STARDOM and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. As STARDOM continues to grow its viewership across the globe, here is a brief rundown of the main women's title matches showcased on the card.


Giulia def. Yuu

NJPW STRONG Women's Championship

In a hard-hitting battle between two powerhouse joshis, Giulia successfully retained her NJPW STRONG Women's Championship against Yuu in her first defense of the title. A sequence of suplexes would not put the challenger Yuu down, so it wasn't until Giulia locked her in a modified version of an armbar that would force her opponent to submit. As Giulia was about to exit the ring after her victory, the titantron played a message with IMPACT Knockouts Deonna Purrazzo and Gisele Shaw challenging Giulia for her belt at the upcoming "Multiverse United 2" show co-promoted by IMPACT Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

With Giulia being quite vocal about her interest in wrestling outside Japan, she accepts their challenge for a match without hesitation and says that she is coming to America for the event.

After the show aired, fellow STARDOM competitor Momo Kohgo, who has been feuding with Giulia in recent memory, expressed her frustration over the NJPW STRONG Women's champion overlooking her as a challenge. She then added that she will join the three in Philadelphia to compete for the championship, possibly turning this match into a four way encounter.


Mayu Iwatani def. Utami Hayashishita

IWGP Women's Championship

The "Icon of STARDOM" Mayu Iwatani retained her IWGP Women's Championship title against Queen's Quest leader Utami Hayashishita in arguably one of the most anticipated matchups of the night between two of the top competitors in STARDOM history. Both women showcased their determination and resiliency by kicking out of each other's signature maneuvers at extreme near falls, but Iwatani's patented Corner PoisonRana would ultimately score the pinfall win. This victory furthermore marks Iwatani's first defense of the championship since dethroning former champion Mercedes Moné at "All Star Grand Queendom 2023" back in April.


Tam Nakano def. Megan Bayne

World of STARDOM Championship

Despite the blatant height and strength disadvantage, Cosmic Angels leader Tam Nakano would defy the odds and successfully defend the World of STARDOM Championship* against STARDOM newcomer Megan Bayne in the main event of "Stardom x Stardom 2023". Bayne would take control of the offense for majority of the first half of the bout pulling off a Military Press Slam from the ring to the ringside area that would leave everyone in the arena in shock. Nakano, however, also played a strong defense game by delivering counterattacks and top rope dives to the "Megasus". After kicking out of Bayne's F5 finishing move, Nakano would secure the pinfall victory with a devastating Tiger Suplex.

*For newer STARDOM viewers, the World of STARDOM Championship is regarded as the company's most prestigious belt as their world championship.


On top of the ongoing 5★Star Grand Prix, fans of STARDOM may expect more shows from the promotion this week with "New Blood 10" on Friday, August 18th and "MidSummer Festival 2023" the following day on Saturday, August 19th. IMPACT and NJPW's "Multiverse United 2" event is set to follow on Sunday, August 20th.

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