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Rhea Ripley is on Top...Of the PWI 250

Pro Wrestling Illustrated just dropped its annual rankings, and it's got the world buzzing about where each superstar checked in. One new wrinkle in this year's list is its addition of 100 superstars, from previously ranking 150. Each year PWI, starting in September, evaluates wrestlers for their rankings based on five criteria:

In-Ring Achievement - Wins and losses, championships, and tournaments won

Influence - Visibility and prestige within a promotion and/or the industry

Technical Ability - Quality of moves, matches, and ring psychology

Competition - Success against the most varied and highest-quality opponents

Activity - Minimum of 10 singles matches total

One thing is for certain, and that is women's wrestling is booming, as the PWI featured talent from promotions all over. The top 10 in particular had two WWE talents, 3 talents from AEW and ROH, 2 talents from Stardom, two talents from Impact, and 1 talent from NWA. With so much awesome women's wrestling in the past year, there could only be one at the top, and that award went to Rhea Ripley who's been on a tear all year.

Debates over number one will ensue until the next rankings arise, however, Ripley is arguably the biggest star in the biggest promotion when it comes to Women's Wrestling. From winning the Royal Rumble to her crowning victory over Charlotte at Wrestlemania only tell a partial tale. Her fingerprints are all over the most dominant faction in WWE, the Judgement Day, and she's a pivotal factor in each member's success. Couple that with her fan support being tangible judging by merchandise sales. The "Eradicator" is in a much-deserved spot, while the top 10 is rounded out by phenomenal performers:

2) Giulia

4) Jamie Hayter

5) Tam Nakano

6) Athena

This year's PWI 250 also has historical context as it's the first time in a decade that none of the four horsewomen are featured in the top 10. Charlotte Flair checked in at 21, while Becky Lynch was at 29, and Bayley ranked at number 41. Mercedes Mone did not make this year's ranking, as she did not meet the minimum criteria for matches. These four women being outside of the top 10 can signal an official changing of the guard as a new day dawns upon women's wrestling.

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What are your thoughts on the PWI 250? Did they get it right? Should anyone be ranked higher? Which first-timer will improve next year? Let us know in the comments!


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