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#IMPACTRecap Knockouts Tag Team Match Next Week

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Taylor Wilde defeats Mia Yim

Taylor Wilde is back and ready to step into the ring. In addition, Mia Yim is up for the challenge. Their match begins quite evenly, with each of the Knockouts seeking the advantage. All in all, it is Wilde that picks up the victory and her first win back.

Following the match, Taylor Wilde is joined in the ring by Mickie James. To no surprise, James welcomes Wilde back with open arms. In addition, she shows her respect as she continues her last rodeo.

It seems that James is giving Wilde an open invitation to her last rodeo. Before James can finish her thoughts, both she and Wilde are attacked in the ring by VXT. Shortly after, Gisele Shaw makes her way to ring to join in.

With Shaw, VXT have quite the advantage. This newly formed trio continues to cause chaos over the Knockouts division. However, the odds become even for Wilde and James. The current IMPACT! Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace, makes her way to the ring.

After all of the chaos, James sends a clear message. With Wilde and Grace by her side, she calls out VXT and Shaw. Next week, Taylor Wilde, Jordynne Grace, and Mickie James will team up to take on Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green, and Gisele Shaw.

Who will pick up the victory? We will discuss more on this match next week in our #IMPACTPreview exclusively here. Be sure to check out our post-show tonight. Stream live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.


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