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Is 2022 Liv Morgan’s Breakout Year?

Liv Morgan has been with WWE since 2014, but she has never been heavily promoted as a prominent talent in the promotion. While she had a brief appearance with the Riott Squad, the three as a whole never made much of an impression, and they never held the Women’s Tag Team Championships, which was a great disappointment for WWE. Morgan is now putting together amazing bouts on Monday Night Raw on a regular basis, has a distinct character that people appreciate, and it appears that she has all the skills she needs. Fans appreciate witnessing a wrestler work their way up the ranks, which is how superstars like Big E and Daniel Bryan became megastars. Liv has had to be patient, but whenever a chance has presented itself, she has surely grabbed it, indicating that WWE has a fantastic talent on their hands. And perhaps it’s finally time for her to shine.

The fact that Liv Morgan is a non-Four Horsewoman, which the business has failed to market recently because they don’t know what to do with the ladies’ talent they currently have in the organization, is a key reason why WWE should consider promoting her in 2022. Since Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky Lynch joined the main roster, the company has made them the central focal point, which isn’t a bad thing because these four women are the most talked about women in WWE, so they’ll be given every opportunity and will succeed in whatever the company asks of them.

It is quite uncommon for one of the four to not be engaged in some manner in the title scene. WWE has to work on this since there are only so many times people want to see them as champions or in main event places. Eventually, Vince McMahon must consider allowing another wrestler an opportunity to thrive, something he has battled within 2021, when he released half of his women on the roster, leaving them with only a few stars, with Asuka being the only other star to regularly break out on her own. While Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley have shown promise, Morgan may also be a part of that new mix, and WWE elevating her would provide something new for everyone to enjoy in the next year.

Having new storylines and fresh bouts will always improve the entire product and even aid with character development for failing talent, while also encouraging fans to get more invested and challenge other wrestlers to step up. It would also benefit the Four Horsewomen since they would need to push themselves even harder if other wrestlers were to gain opportunities. Finally, the primary reason why now is the moment to promote Morgan as a singles star in the women’s division is that the fans are eager to see it happen after Nikki A.S.H. won the Money In The Bank Women’s Ladder Match in 2021.

This sparked outrage on social media and showed that WWE did not know how to capitalize on the buzz Liv generated leading up to the ppv. Wrestlers may sometimes become over because WWE compels them to. Sometimes it’s a natural culmination, and that’s what WWE strives for. Morgan is someone that the WWE fans have drawn towards and care about. No matter what the creative team plans, it is always the audience’s reactions that determine the firm’s path, and the corporation has recently lost touch with this.

Given Morgan’s ability to execute good matches and cut fantastic promos, there is no reason for WWE not to promote her. With her, the corporation has reached a now or never stage, especially after Money In The Bank. And if they don’t give Morgan her big moment in 2022, her fan support may dwindle, which might put a halt to her career and leave the WWE Universe wondering what Liv will do next?? If you’re not a fan of Liv Morgan, there’s a reason why you should, “Watch Her.”


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