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It’s All About The Women At NXT’s Great American Bash

There is no doubt that the women down at NXT are doing big things and NXT’s Great American Bash is going to showcase that. We got to sit in for the NXT’s media call today with Shawn Michaels and he was beyond happy and proud of the NXT’s women’s locker room.

One of the questions that came up was the possibility of a mid-card title since the tag titles are now unified on the main roster. Michaels said, “ I always think to myself, other than a tag team, kind of what would that be? I think that's always the first one for me. You know, I wonder if a cruiserweight from a women's division would work but I will say this. You know, I'm always open to those options.”

There will be some great women’s matches to look forward to this weekend including Tiffany Stratton vs. Thea Hail for NXT Women's Championship and the Weapons Wild Match between Roxanne Perez and Blair Davenport.

We got to ask HBK how this match came about and he said, “I think that's to me, I think that's kind of just where the storyline dictated itself going. And certainly, I will say, when it comes to the Great American Bash, and being in Texas, how to have our Texas girl on that show, for heaven's sakes, you know, that's, I mean, I know, it's Austin's a little bit of a haul for the family from Laredo. But I know that they're all going to be, you know, jumping in the car coming up there and being a part of that. So look, once again, our women's division is so strong, we just, we felt like That was a storyline that was worthy of being on a premium live event.”

One thing is for sure, this is not a PLE you want to miss! NXT Great American Bash will be this Sunday at the HEB Center in Cedar Park, TX. What do you guys think, should there be a mid-card title for the NXT women?

Check out the full media call here:


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