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Jade Cargill Goes 38-0 at Rampage Grand Slam

It’s Friday night, and you know what that means? Time for another episode of AEW Rampage. Fresh off of Grand Slam earlier this week, AEW returns to the Arthur Ashe Stadium for a two-hour special. What would an episode of Rampage be without a TBS Title match? Stepping to the plate this week to take on the unstoppable Jade Cargill is Diamante.

The Build

A match two weeks in the making, Diamante has interrupted numerous backstage promos and made it known that she has the TBS Title in her sights. But the goal of breaking Jade’s 37-0 winning streak isn’t the only thing Diamante promised to bring to New York City. The Florida native also vowed to bring a friend with her, an OG Baddie from the 305, rap star Trina.

Taken By: Scott Lesh

The Match

The match starts fast and furious, with Diamante trying to cut down the much taller and bigger Jade. Throwing chop blocks and roundhouses, Diamante uses her speed and skill to take control in the early going. That is until a crossbody off the ring apron is barely caught by Jade in a scary looking mishap. Quickly recovering, Jade showcases her power carrying Diamante around like a child before dumping her onto the ring apron with an F5. Rolling her into the ring, Jade seals the victory by hitting Jaded.

After the match is over, Trina heads into the ring to comfort her friend but swerve! Trina betrays Diamante with a slap and shakes Jade’s hand. The OG Baddie recognises the TBS Champion.

Taken By: Scott Lesh

The Verdict

The title match was shockingly quick. Rampage is usually considered Jade’s house, but with a bigger stadium and a longer run time, the TBS title appears to have taken a back seat. When AEW has bigger fish to fry, the women’s matches always take the hit. With an extra hour to spare, the match got a little over five minutes.

As a result, this match felt like it was going at double speed. The two women tried to make the most of the situation, there were some cool spots sprinkled in, but nothing could cover up for how rushed this match felt. Diamante, Jade and the TBS Championship deserve better than this.

Those are some of my thoughts, but what did you think of this TBS Championship match? Who can stop Jade Cargill? Share your thoughts.


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