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Jade Cargill's New WWE Mission

After a much-anticipated confirmation, we now know, that Jade Cargill has signed a multi-year contract with WWE.

Yesterday, WWE released a video clip of Jade proudly walking up to the performance center building.

Of course, after this announcement and tease of seeing Cargill on WWE territory, we as fans were clamouring to hear what she had to say.

Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long, because ESPN and The Ringer made sure that they were the first to get an exclusive interview with Ms. Jade Cargill.

Jade Cargill Signs To WWE
Jade Cargill

Here are a few takeaways from the interviews:

1. Jade left AEW because of leadership. She feels that having people like Paul Levesque (Triple H), Bruce Pritchard, Nick Khan etc. is paramount and unmatched in any other wrestling


2. The WWE training facilities is a game-changer for performers like herself

3. She adores and wants to be a part of the history and legacy of WWE.

4. Jade pointed out that she is the first signee under the TKO umbrella. This certainly shows the strong desire that WWE has to show how big of a star Jade will be on their roster.

5. Jade believes that WWE already sees something in her, the ability to be a top draw for the company. She even teased that she is already getting five-star treatment upon being signed.

6. She clarifies that nothing negative happened in AEW that caused her to leave. This is simply an evolution in her career.

7. Cargill wants to push herself to the limit and this is the best place for her to be.

Jade Cargill At WWE Performance Center
Jade Cargill AT WWE Performance Center

Cody Rhodes is definitely a mentor to Jade and really took the time to sit with her and teach her about the wrestling business when she started out in AEW in 2020.

She never forgot that and won’t let him down in WWE.

When asked about dream matches, Jade feels that it would be a dream match with any woman that she steps into the ring with. She thinks that WWE has the best women’s roster in the world and

looks forward to locking up with these ladies.

Jade does agree that she and Bianca will be the main event on TV if they collide. She goes on to say that they would be Wrestlemania's main event worthy.

The Endeavor talent agency aspect with this UFC/ WWE TKO merger would allow Jade to spread her wings and look into possible opportunities in the world of show business. This also played a factor in her decision to sign with WWE.

This insight into why Jade signed with the biggest wrestling company in the world is not surprising.

This just continues to show that Jade is a star and her meteoric rise in the pro wrestling world is not by accident.

Every move that Jade makes is a calculated one, that meets the approval of her legion of fans.

Fans have shown excitement for this new stage in her career.

Congrats again to Jade Cargill.

The first signee to WWE in the TKO era of the company

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