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Jade Cargill Wins AEW’S Breakout Female Of The Year

Jade Cargill made her in-ring debut for AEW in front of a global audience alongside basketball legend SHAQ. Cargill’s All Elite Wrestling debut came on March 3, 2021, when she teamed with Shaquille O’Neal to face Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet on AEW Dynamite which she would get the win over Red Velvet and Cody.

One year later, Cargill has amassed a perfect 21-0 singles record and stands tall as the inaugural TBS champion. AEW President Tony Khan named her as his Rookie of the Year, a sentiment shared by others in the industry. There is a vocal portion of the audience, however, that is critical of Cargill’s early success. The powerful wrestler is far from a finished product. Her matches are often not the cleanest on the card and Cargill is still finding her footing. There are no small crowds in front of which she can hone her craft. Every opportunity for Cargill to work is done so in the public eye and shown from multiple camera angles.

During the 2nd annual AEW Awards, Jade Cargill would win Female Breakout star of the year for 2021. Jade dominated every woman that stepped up to her in the ring and left them jaded. Jade would be the 1st and only woman thus far to have an undefeated streak in AEW and be the inaugural TBS champion to which she has been successful at every title defense this far and doesn’t plan on changing that anytime soon. Cargill has silenced her doubters and haters who claimed she was handed the title too quickly by continuously improving her craft in and outside of the ring.

I envisage Jade being the first woman to win both the AEW Women’s and TBS titles.

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