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Jamie Hayter Dethrones Toni Storm At Full Gear

Tonight is the night! The last major pay-per-view of the year for AEW. This paper view gave us three monster women matches below, we will recap the matches and the results!

Taken By: @Kimberlasskick

Jade Cargill Retains TBS Championship

We kick the women’s matches off tonight with the TBS champion Jade Cargill taking on the “TBS champion“ Nyla Rose. Rose’s entrance was a tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero, with his widow Vickie Guerrero, wearing Rhea Ripley’s T-shirt. Cargill, not to be outdone, made an entrance in a full Thunder cat Cosplay, complete with baddies. The match started out chaotic, but they finally ended up back in the ring. There was a lot of offense on both sides, and this match went on longer than most of Cargill’s bouts. But in the end, Jade Cargill pulls out the win and continues her 42-0 undefeated streak, complete with her belt back.

Taken By: @Kimberlasskick

Saraya Defeats Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

The next of the three women’s matches was the much anticipated, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD versus Saraya. This was Saraya’s first time back in the ring in five years, and you could tell. Saraya was very emotional as she made her entrance. The match was careful but enjoyable, with some good spots. Saraya pulled out the win, with an emotional breakdown after.

Taken By: @Kimberlasskick

Jamie Hayter Becomes Interim AEW Women’s Champion

The last women’s match on the card was a grudge fight between the Interim Champion, Toni Storm, and her long-time friend, Jamie Hayter. Hayter seemed like the crowd favorite as the match kicked off. It almost ended with interference by Rebel, but Toni kicked out. A second run-in from Britt Baker wasn’t enough to end it either, as Toni kicked out again. The match ended with Jamie Hayter picking up the win and title, becoming the new Interim Women’s champion.

This pay-per-view was stacked and we are glad to say the women did not disappoint! What was your favorite match of the night?


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