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Jazz To Appear In Virtual Basement’s “The Wrestling Code”

She’s the most ferocious of them all. Jazz has been added to “The Wrestling Code” by Virtual Basement.

Jazz was a member of ECW for a time and briefly worked for WWE during the Ruthless Aggression period. She appeared in the WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes the Pain video game for PlayStation 2 at that time period. She also appeared in Acclaim’s ECW video games.

The baddest of them all! 🎶 Officially signed on "The Wrestling Code" video game. Please welcome. "The Female Fighting Phenom" @Phenom_Jazz 🔥#TheWrestlingCode #wrestling #UE4 #indiedev — Virtual Basement® (@VirtualBasement) February 8, 2022

There are a number of ECW Originals that Jazz joins in ECW like Lance Storm, Justin Credible, Raven, The FBI and more. GM mode will be available in at least one wrestling game.

A new member of the “The Wrestling Code” development team has been revealed by Virtual Basement: James Saxon (Viking Size Gamer). It has been dubbed Promotion Manager, and James will be in charge of the game mode’s GM mode. Fans have been clamoring for GM Mode in the WWE 2K series, but it’s yet to appear in the SmackDown vs. Raw series. In the WWE 2K series, Universe Mode has replaced GM Mode.

Here is the most recent roster announcement for Virtual Basement’s forthcoming wrestling video game. Click here for more.

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