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Julia Hart Joins the House of Black

At Double or Nothing during the House of Black vs. Death Triangle match, the lights suddenly went out. When they came back on, Julia Hart was standing in the ring in front of PAC (who was on the top rope) and spit black mist in his face, effectively causing Death Triangle to lose the match. Fans have been waiting for Julia Hart to turn on the Varsity Blondes for months now. Malachi Black spit mist in her face on an episode of Dynamite back in December and she hasn’t been the same since. Every time we saw Julia, she was wearing an eye patch and as the weeks went by, she slowly started to lose interest in anything the Varsity Blondes were doing and even started to look annoyed with having to go out to the ring with them.

Every week it seemed as though Julia had enough of Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr., but she never turned her back on them. On the May 4th edition of Dynamite, the House of Black attacked the Varsity Blondes and tried to command Julia to hit Griff Garrison with a chair. She almost did, but ended up resisting and Death Triangle came to make the save. When she finally joined the House of Black at Double or Nothing, she was no longer wearing her eye patch and instead embraced the discoloring around her eye due to the black mist that was spit in her face so many months ago.

The following week, on Rampage, we heard from the House of Black’s newest member. Julia stated that we should celebrate her being the newest member since it is what “we” always wanted. I am excited to see what this story will bring to the table and how it will elevate Julia’s career.

Julia is an excellent wrestler, although her wrestling hasn’t really been highlighted in the company yet. I think this is an excellent opportunity for not only her, but also the House of Black to expand and recruit women to join them. There haven’t been a lot of groups or factions in AEW that have featured women in a prominent role other than being a background character (such as the Bunny in the Hardy/Andrade Family office or even Julia with the Varsity Blondes).

I hope this new pairing changes how women are viewed in factions in AEW and Julia is given a huge role in the group. The fact that they already had her speak in a promo hopefully means that she’ll get even more attention as this story moves forward. I believe AEW is in serious need of more women with dark and spooky personalities and Julia Hart could be what the division needs to go that direction.

I am also interested to see if Death Triangle will recruit a woman to join them to act as Julia’s opponent. Taya Valkyrie has a history with the Lucha Bros, so it would be easy to bring her in and pair her with them and PAC. Other options could be Toni Storm or even Ruby Soho since both women don’t really have a story they are involved in and could benefit from a pairing with Death Triangle.

Overall, I am happy with Julia joining the House of Black and I am excited for her future and for the future of the House of Black. I am expecting some exciting stories and future matches.


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