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Jungle Kyona Begins Extensive Return to Wrestling

Jungle Kyona revealed her spot among the Joshi Puroresu wrestlers doing US and International tours in the coming year.

On August 5, via Twitter, Kyona posted a selfie with a small announcement detailing her upcoming tour. “From now on, we will be competing overseas as the main battlefield,” she wrote (via translation).

Kyona is known for her striped face paint, amazing character work, and powerful wrestling technique. She has spent much of her wrestling career at World Wonder Ring Stardom. She debuted with the promotion in 2015 and defeated Momo Watanabe. A month later, she won the Rookie of Stardom Tournament. The “Jungle Princess” soon climbed the ranks in Stardom as a prominent babyface, creating the faction Jungle Assault Nation (J.A.N.) with Natsuko Tora, Kaori Yoneyama, Ruaka, Leo Onazaki, and Saya Iida. When the faction lost a stipulation match and disbanded, Kyona and others from J.A.N. joined Tokyo Cyber Squad, led by the young and charismatic Hana Kimura. The faction gained popularity quickly for its fun style and a plethora of talent. However, Kimura passed away in May of 2020, and the group disbanded shortly after.

Kyona was severely injured in the fall of 2020 and officially stepped away from Stardom in September of 2021. Since then, she has wrestled a single match: for the Hana Kimura Memorial Show in May 2022.

Jungle Kyona revealed she would be booking gigs in the U.S. West Coast Pro’s Ride the Lighting (October 8), Garden State Pro Wrestling’s September 16th show, and Deadlock Pro Wrestling’s September 17th and November 12th dates. Kyona recently revealed she’d be in Japan with the freelancing Joshi Puroresu group Nomads for their August 5 Freelance Summit. She attended the ceremony and tweeted that it provided her a cause to return to the ring in her home nation.

9月上旬に海外で復帰が決まりましたジャングル叫女です‼︎ これから海外を主戦場に試合をしていきます✈️🇺🇸 日本でのプロレスは考えてなかったけど… 今、日本ではフリーランスだけの面白い大会があるみたいです。#NOMADS_fs さん最高のカード期待してます😙💕 山下りな、握手はそのあとな🤝🙅‍♀️ — ジャングル叫女 Jungle Kyona (@junglekyona) August 5, 2022

Kyona’s news has been well-received by fans worldwide, who are eager to see what’s next for her career. Jungle Kyona’s upcoming tour will be memorable with so much talent to give both independent scenes.

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