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Kiss The Rose! Ranking Mandy Rose Title Defenses

Mandy Rose has been NXT 2.0’s top heel since she came, which culminated to her winning the NXT Women’s Championship. Mandy Rose’s talents in the ring and on the mic have improved since she joined NXT.

As leader of Toxic Attraction, Rose is the top heel on WWE’s developmental brand, NXT.

Rose has been consistently great since she won the gold, whether in protracted matches or one-off title contests. The match quality is a huge reason for her exciting reign, leaving the WWE universe wondering who can stop Mandy now that she’s on top.

9. Mandy Rose Vs Wendy Choo – NXT Takeover in Your House 2022

Wendy Choo’s gimmick makes her difficult to invest in for title fights. Mandy Rose did a terrific job presenting the concept Choo may lose to the crowd.

There weren’t many amazing moves, and nothing was flashy, but it showed superb narrative that was simple yet effective and emphasized Wendy Choo’s ring talents. Rose got a lot of fire for ripping Choo’s pillow, but it made for a fun final match.

8. Mandy Rose Vs Roxanne Perez – 7/12/22

This NXT women’s championship match will be best remembered for Cora Jade turning on Roxanne Perez, the match that came before that was an enjoyable one. The two women worked well together, with the chemistry being clear between them and showing what they were both capable of. Of course, there were distractions aplenty in this on, with Toxic Attraction and Jade getting involved, and that is ultimately how Rose was able to retain. But the back-and-forth action between the two women was fantastic to witness, leading to an enjoyable title encounter.

7. Mandy Rose vs Dakota Kai – NXT 4/12/22

The expectations were high for this match due to the talent of both women, but they didn’t quite hit the levels that people knew they were capable of in the match, which was a shame. They tried to add a few too many near falls into this one, with the live crowd never quite buying into them or the match in general. It wasn’t the great back and forth people wanted it to be, and while there was nothing wrong with it, they didn’t get to the point where fans thought Rose’s title run was going to come to an end and Dakota would finally get her win, which is always a problem in a title encounter.

6. Mandy Rose vs Zoey Stark – NXT Heatwave

Stark won the 20-woman battle royal by eliminating Cora Jade. She returned to the ring after being injured for months, surprising the NXT universe. NXT Heatwave featured Stark’s attempt to terminate Mandy’s title reign. Her injured knee left her exposed. Toxic Attraction’s Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin were ejected. Zoey Stark’s tag team partner Nikkita Lyons attacked Jayne and Dolin, taking them from ringside. Mandy Rose trapped Zoey’s left leg on the ropes and tried to remove her knee brace.

5. Mandy Rose vs Alba Fyre – NXT 2/8/2022

While Mandy Rose has been able to work well in multi-women matches or when weapons have been involved, she has also had no problem going back and forth in a more technical manner. Kay Lee Ray who is now known as Alba Fyre worked aggressively within this one, but Rose was constantly smart as she tried to avoid the challenger at all costs, which was great to see.

The whole rivalry had a lot of interference with Toxic Attraction getting involved consistently, which was the point again in this match. But that helped Lee Ray get over, with fans being massively behind both women in the match, which added a great atmosphere.

4. Mandy Rose vs Cora Jade vs Raquel Rodriguez – NXT New Year’s Evil 2022

Triple threat bouts aren’t always simple, but these three made sure something was always happening. Cora Jade was often the underdog because Raquel Gonzalez desired revenge on Mandy Rose.

Rose played the cowardly heel brilliantly, only attacking when needed. Raquel delivered the powerful style. Rose won through a roll-up on Jade, bringing in heel heat and retaining her title.

3. Mandy Rose Vs Raquel Rodriguez – NXT Halloween Havoc 2021

This was Mandy Rose’s first WWE title. Raquel Gonzalez’s Chucky’s Trick or Street Fight defeat inspired inventiveness. Both women used a variety of weapons, which kept viewers interested.

Dakota Kai’s interference and double cross allowed Raquel to win her first title. Before that, they had a tremendous interaction that seemed like a real battle, which is what fans wanted.

2. Mandy Rose vs. Cora Jade vs. Iyo Sky vs Alba Fyre – NXT Stand & Deliver 2022

To this point in her title reign, this is the only time that Mandy Rose has competed in a Takeover style event, with this one happening during WrestleMania 38 weekend. The women certainly made sure that they were going to impress as well, with a frantic pace being set and kept throughout the entire encounter that kept the fans entertained as well.

The great thing about this one was that everybody had completely different skill sets and styles, which led to exciting moments taking place at all times. Rose was one of the stand-out performers in this one, which is a credit to her considering the talent involved as she pinned IYO Sky to retain her title.

1. Mandy Rose Unifies NXT UK & NXT Women’s Championship

Rose won a triple threat match at NXT Worlds Collide on Sunday against Blair Davenport and Meiko Satomura. Rose entered the contest as the NXT Women’s Champion while Satomura held the NXT UK Women’s Title. The win was Rose’s eighth defense of her title and her first NXT UK championship.

Rose pinned Davenport with Kiss by the Rose after Satomura delivered a Scorpion Rising. Satomura’s reign finishes at 451 days and nine successful title defenses throughout her time with the title. Alba Fyre held the title for 649 days but only defended it six times.

Rose becomes the fifth and final wrestler to win the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Rhea Ripley was the inaugural champion in 2018 before dropping it to Toni Storm after a 139-day reign.


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